Atheism is the belief (or lack thereof) that there is no God, no divine power, or anything of the sort controlling the world we live in. Atheists don't believe in organized religion or even in a God. They usually refer to the scientific discoveries mankind has made to develop their thinking on where the world is. Often times Atheists get a bad reputation and here are some general things you should know.

1. Atheists don't like religious people.

This is definitely not true. Personally, some of my best friends are quite religious, as well as most of my family. Atheists have nothing against religious people. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and beliefs just like on any other subject.

2. Atheists are out to get people of religion.

Again, simply not true. Atheists aren't trying to discourage people from being part of a religion or practicing a certain way. When that religion starts to discriminate or judge other people, then it's a different story.

3. Atheists don't want to know about other religions.

Actually, most Atheists find other religions interesting, even though it's not their belief. It helps to understand other beliefs to make yours stronger. Plus, we love to debate.

4. Atheists have never tried to practice organized religion.

Almost all Atheists come from a prior religion. The reasons they could have left vary, but it basically comes down to it just not being a good fit for them. People who decide to leave a religion often realize what they really believe in.

5. People who are Atheists are bad people.

Atheists are far from bad people. Their beliefs don't encourage violence, discrimination, racism, or any other harmful qualities. They simply just don't believe in organized religion and those set of beliefs.

6. Atheists don't have good values.

Similarly, just because Atheists don't believe in religious values doesn't mean they don't have others' best interest in mind. Atheists are usually some of the most accepting and tolerant of people because of their lack of previous influence and because they simply rely on the laws of nature.

7. Atheists don't believe in miracles.

Miracles come in all shapes and sizes. A miracle isn't something you can define to a religion or single belief. Miracles mean different things to different people, even Atheists.

8. Atheists just go along with religion because of family history.

This is only partially incorrect, where some people probably do still observe main holidays with family. However, an Atheist doesn't celebrate, for example, Christmas as the birth of Jesus, but rather a season of giving and kindness. But Atheists won't go against their true beliefs and will hopefully have their family understand and respect that.

9. Atheists never question things they can't explain.

Atheists actually question everything. It's a motivation for more answers and discovery. The main difference would be that instead of ruling unknown instances as a God power, we decide to think of it as a path unexplored, and hope to see it resolved in the future.