If you grew up in the 90's you probably know to be home before the street lights come on. You were raised with freedom and not to sit too close to the T.V. You probably also played with the most legendary toys in the 20th century. Looking back now, as us 90's babies are full-blow in our twenties, there were a lot of toys that we probably shouldn't have been allowed to play with. But hey, look how tough we are now!

1. Skip-It

If you were graceful enough to continuously skip around your drive way with this thing then more power to you. But if you were like the rest of us, then you still have scars from this things slamming hard into your shin. And yet, we would skip, slam, repeat.

2. Legos

These little jerks found the most sneaky ways to cause us pain. Wether it was from having sore thumbs after hours of pressing Legos together or from crying out in pain in the middle of the night as you step on one walking through your room in the dark, these things hurt like hell.

3. Crocodile Dentist

Between the anxiety and the pain, we were no match for this toy. You would wait in terrified anticipation hoping not to pull the wrong tooth so this crocodile doesn't slam his jaws down on your tiny fingers. You can keep your teeth Mr. Crocodile.

4. Socker Boppers

One of the best inventions ever, you get to put these huge inflatable things on your hands and drive your friends and family members nuts bopping them around the house. It's all fun and games until you Bop the wrong friend who Bops you back even harder.

5. SkyDancers

Pull the string hard enough and these girls went ripping through the air! Watch out or you may find one of their fairy wings cutting right into your forehead.

6. Perfection

You may not have had any physical pain from this game (unless a piece went in your eye) but the anxiety was real AF. Just listening to a timer counts down brings us back nightmares.

7. Moon Shoes

No worries, just a sprained-ankle or broken leg waiting to happen. But who cares these shoes put mini trampolines under our feet whenever we wanted! Who didn't feel cool doing a billion tiny hops?

8. Slip N' Slide

Sure sliding down a plastic runway on a hot summer day sounds fun, but the scrapes and bruises afterwards speaks otherwise. This might be the adult in me talking but they couldn't have made the slip n slide mat a little more comfortable?

9. Mr. Sketch Scented Markers

It was not really Elementary school unless you had sniffed some black licorice markers. The scent of these kept us going all the way to recess. Was anyone else concerned with how many brain cells we probably lost?