8 Little Pick Me Ups For When You Need To Smile

8 Little Pick Me Ups For When You Need To Smile

For days when you're feeling a bit blah.

Sometimes we just have days that are just boring.

Ever had one of those days you just feel blah? You’ve gone through the motions of your routine to only find yourself feeling well gray. We could call it blue but you may not be sad it’s more like a not satisfied feeling. When those moments come upon us it is most important to remember that just because one day is bad it doesn’t mean the rest of the week has to feel this way too. Let’s be real for a minute it’s not that your whole life is falling apart it’s just that you feel a little down trotted, and that just happens. There is a saying that “it’s the little things in life that make the biggest difference” and whether or not. So to get yourself out of this rut try adding something small to your routine.

1. Tidy up your room

While it sounds like a lot of work (depending on what kind of shape your space is in) consider the fact that if you do a good deep clean and maintain it you won’t have to deep clean it for a while. Not only that but a clean space can be quite peaceful for the mind and keep you focused on whatever work is at hand.

2. Light a candle or use a plugin scent

Definitely pick something light that you’ll enjoy permeating your air. I know that I always liked a good Bath and Body Works wall plugin for my dorm room, and now that I live in a house I keep a candle lit all the time. Good scents, good vibes.

3. Create a playlist

Make a playlist of your favorite songs and name it something funny. My list of favorite songs is a collection the ranges from Rihanna to the Beatles. And it may not make everyone else happy but I love listening to it when I’m driving or cleaning. I named it Strawberry Jams and am convinced it is the soundtrack to my life.

4. DIYs

Get in touch with your artsy side by painting a canvas or even decorating a shelf for your home. Adding personal touches to your space that you created will not only boost your confidence but will also give you a task to accomplish outside of your normal routine.

5. Make a cup of tea, sit back, and sip

Literally just stop from your busy life when you can and make a cup of tea. It’s quick to make and soothing to enjoy some of my personal favorites are peach flavored, mint flavored, or even just plain green tea. Of course, use your favorite mug and sit somewhere comfortable, allow yourself to unplug from the world for at least thirty minutes to give your mind a recharge

6. Closet purge

There is nothing I love more than a closet purge it is the most satisfying feeling to get rid of clothes you don’t wear anymore. Whether it’s after a breakup or in the midst of a style evolution getting rid of clothes is fantastic. Plus, after put them in a bin you can donate them! Take them to a women’s shelter, a Goodwill, find a friend, or even just sell them to a thrift store. Odds are you will feel better if you’re less cluttered. And there’s nothing more exciting than the adventure of finding your new style

7. Treat yourself

My friends' running joke is that I am the treat yo'self-queen because I think it is important to do nice things for yourself every oncein awhile. I personally like to buy a new lipstick. It seems silly but it’s my favorite pick-me-up that serves as an incentive to keep working hard and to stay on the grind.

8. Make an aesthetic board or page

Literally two weeks ago I was stressed and feeling blah about my day when my friend Franny told me to make an aesthetic board on Tumblr. So I did and I honestly can say it was relaxing to have something else to focus on that didn’t require stress and that I could control. If you’re curious my aesthetic is peach, and I can only tell you that it’s worth the try if you’re not wanting to leave the house but are wanting to do something beyond Netflix. You don’t have to use Tumblr you can make a Pinterest board or whatever it is you love. Pair this with your favorite songs playlist and you’ll definitely relax.

Everyone has something that they can do to make their week a little more bright, and it doesn’t take much to find something small to do. So get up and get going find your thing to improve your week! Remember a bad day does not constitute a bad week.

Cover Image Credit: Hannah Cramer

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Confidence And Help With Your Problems Go A Long Way

It's only figured out if you can make it figured out.


No one likes to be challenged and no one likes having to face the pressure, but life is full of endeavors that will make you work. While some people have no problem with dealing with obstacles head-on, others struggle with them and refuse help when offered it to them. They tend to get lost and confused with no clear direction on how to overcome what is holding them back. Your highest self wants you to grow, change, and succeed, but that's only possible with confidence.

Most of the time, people tend to be faced with the same problem reoccurring over and over again. That results in them losing motivation and they lose sight of a potential lesson to be learned. This leads to people becoming frustrated, irritated, and depressed.

That's right: this article is another factor of depression.

What happens to those who are not confident in their challenges? They get a sense and feeling of powerlessness, like they are trapped within themselves and want to escape from reality instead of dealing with their problems head-on. More often than not, it makes them feel shameful because of all the problems that someone is dealing with.

Whether the problems one faces are drug problems, alcohol, depression, family issues, or even suicidal thoughts, there is always help available. Asking for help and recognizing you need it can make people feel ashamed and embarrassed, but sometimes they refuse to admit they need help.

That is when denial comes in and that only deepens their internal wounds even further. Sometimes, people can go too far with their reluctance of help and they believe that no one can help them. Their confidence and image of themselves eventually become so low that there is only one solution to them: ending it all.

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By getting help, your problems start to diminish and your confidence builds because now, you have advice on not only what your problem is, but ways to get out of it. People go from not being hopeful at all that they can overcome whatever it is that is holding them back, to feeling they can deal with anything. This is where the people who can overcome obstacles come into play.

These people have all the confidence and all the determination that they fear nothing. Their will to work and goals set for themselves drive them to let nothing stand in their way and will not tolerate anything less than getting a goal accomplished. If people could be more like these people, just imagine how depression can be handled today!

Maybe sometimes it's easier to run than face all the pain, but never facing the heat and getting the help will do more bad than good. After all, you need some confidence to get far in life right?

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