8 Ways To Say NO To A Guy
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8 Ways To Say NO To A Guy

4. Hell nah

8 Ways To Say NO To A Guy

Sometimes there are those annoying, persistent boys who think “no” means “chase."

I hate to break it you sir, but chase someone else! If you are a guy with touchy feelings, do not read any further. If you are a girl who needs advice on how to say the big fat “N-word” without saying the big fat “N-word” too clearly, then continue reading.

First off I would like to say, I totally understand the part of this where you “don’t want to be mean” or you think “they’ll think I’m playing hard to get." If this is you, you are allowed to not respond! In ten years, are you really going to care about that one time you ignored a guy?

No, stick your tits out, your chin up, and move on with a grin on your face because you just did the hard part.

1. No.

Just be clear. Say he asks you to travel up to his place at 11pm. He’ll pay for gas “cuz he’s a nice guy” and you’ll get to “spend the whole night with him”. Wow! Blessed! Might I remind you that I live two hours away from him, and we aren’t even that good of friends, and… oh shoot, forgot this was a hypothetical situation… well, asking for a friend!

2. NO

If they’re creepy, don’t waste your time. Cut to the point and hit ‘em with that harsh NO.

3. Abso-freaking-lutely not.

If you wanna pull up with more of that sarcastic kind of tone, the kind that I like to use, whip in with this. They’ll roll their eyes, but they’ll also back off.

4. Hell nah

In this case, we’re going to say you’re taken. Well heck to the no! This new mans is not and will not come between your relationship. Shut his ass down.

5. I’m sorry, it’s just not going to work this time.

Ugh. I mean I guess every ONCE in a while you can be polite. If he is a sweet guy that might be a little emoshy and isn’t picking up the social cues, then be a little nice and include the apology part of it. Some guys are an exception because 1/10000 guys do mean well.

6. Who is this?

Play the clueless game. “Who is this?” is a pretty quick conversation breaker, it’ll break the focus of the dude, and force him to start from scratch. Use him starting from scratch to shut him down from scratch!

7. Maybe!

Oh, the maybe game is my favorite!! It doesn’t sound mean, it doesn’t sound nice, it’s just annoying and repetitive and eventually they’ll give up… but if you truly don’t want the guy, then you won’t care if he thinks you’re a bit annoying. *IMPORTANT TIP* If you might like one of his friends… DO NOT use this method! You bet your ass this mans will talk about you to his homies and you do not want those guys to see you as the girl you were being to the friend you didn’t want. It sounds sort of shady but sometimes you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do.

8. I have a boyfriend.

Last but certainly not least, the boyfriend code. Whether you really do have a man or you are just looking for an excuse, use this. If the guy doesn’t know you personally, he’ll never know you were fibbing a tiny bit. This message will turn him right around and pretty quick too.

I know I’m sarcastic. I know these might be a little harsh. But, if you want to run around dragging on conversations that you don’t want to be having, go for it! For those of you that want to bite the bullet and move on, enjoy your wonderful life. Guys are so small compared to girl power.

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