If there is one thing I really struggle with, it is writer's block. I constantly struggle, whether it be with school or blog posting. I have been teaching myself to overcome it, slowly but surely.

1. Look at the world around you.

Some of my best inspiration comes from those people and things around me. It can be something you love or someone you love. The options are endless.

2. Make a list of words you like.

I know this sounds fake. Trust me, if someone told me this, I would think they are crazy. However, it works. Simple words will help create a theme for what you want your post to encompass.

3. Look up article ideas.

I google ideas all the time. You don't have to write about the exact idea that you find online, but it may trigger something in your mind.

4. Sit down and relax.

Trying to think of something to write about can be overwhelming. Step away from the computer for a minute to think and relax. A relaxed mind can think a lot better than an overwhelmed mind.

5. Brainstorm with a friend.

I have a personal blog with my best friend. She and I will try to brainstorm together weekly. Bouncing ideas off of each other helps a lot.

6. Listen to music.

Music is the best inspiration for some people. You never know what could inspire you.

7. Read other blog posts.

I read my fellow writers' posts to help sometimes. I try using them to gain inspiration.

8. Look at what is happening in the world.

The news can inspire people as well. Whenever I watch the news I am usually inclined to write something more positive, considering all the negativity in the world.

I know writer's block can be hard to beat. Go out there and write something amazing! You never know what will inspire you.