8 Types of Party Girls
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8 Types of Party Girls

A typical night out with the girls.

8 Types of Party Girls

The Dancer

This girl will just start bumping and grinding on anything she sees, regardless of whether or not music is player. She is probably the first person or the only person on the dance floor at any sort of social event. This girl seems like the fun one, until you spin her one too many times…

The “I Want to Meet Everyone" Girl

She will run around the entire party walking up to random people and butting into their conversations. In fact, this is probably how you met her. She's loads of fun, but hard to keep an eye on because she's all over the place.

The Girlfriend

It is a rare sighting to see this girl out and about. She is always with her boyfriend, and if she's not, she is crying about missing him or wanting to find him. You think she is a completely independent person when she is sober, but you find that not to be true after a couple drinks.

The Mom

Even when she is intoxicated, she seems sober. She is the one yelling at people not to go in places, cleaning up a spill the second after it left the cup, and watching for potential problem guests. This girl is a great asset to your party crew, because she'll hold it down; however, there will be a night when you want to just tell her to chill out.

The Predator

No matter who she comes with, she will most likely be going home with someone else (wink wink). At any given time, she is talking to another boy, if not already playing tonsil hockey. She's fun to have around if you are competitive and single, because she will force you to participate since everyone is fair game.

The Drunkest Girl at the Party

She is the most annoying creature on the planet and will always be whining about something. Avoid her at all costs unless you want to get wrapped up in her drama from who knows when. She is genuinely a nice girl, but you will never get over one of her intoxicated episodes enough to actually get to know her.

The “Let's Just Sit Back and Enjoy the View" Girl

She is most likely hanging out on a couch laughing at all of the girls above. If you are lucid enough to decide to engage in conversations with her, it will probably be one of the best choices you make that night. She is funny and insightful and makes you question why you would ever try to be an above mentioned girl.

The Sober Sally

Thank your lucky stars for this girl, because she is stopping all of you people from making complete fools out of yourself. Sometimes you feel like you've never been judged more when you're with her, but she doesn't care about how drunk you are and she is 100% not judging you.

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