8 Things To Do During a Pandemic
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8 Things To Do During a Pandemic

When you are forced to move back home from your third year of college that is 10 hours away and have to practice social distancing, life can become pretty drab. Make sure to keep your life interesting instead of hoarding toilet paper!

8 Things To Do During a Pandemic

I decided to fly home for spring break last week. Unfortunately, that break got extended another week and I was forced to stay in my hometown, with my car being 10 hours away. Now that classes have been moved to online and we can't really go anywhere to see anyone, I have pretty much started to lose my marbles. BUT in all things bad, there is always light. It is finally time to start that hobby, bring out the running shoes, and purge your high school closet. Here's a little help to amp your life and help you stay sane in a world of madness.

1. Start listening to a podcast

I have always been into netflix series but recently came across podcasts. They are great to have on in the car, while working out, or literally just sitting in your bed. The great thing about them is you can put as little or as much effort into them as you would like to. My roommate, (Hi Izzy), really got me into Call Her Daddy with Alex and Sofia. Originally, I would listen to them while driving long distances in the car, but recently started to listen to them while working out or hanging out. It makes me feel a lot better about my own life listening to these two ramble each week.

2. Clean out your closet

This is something that always seems like a good idea, but never gets done. My family moved into a new house in August so I was forced to do this, and let me tell you.. it felt GOOD! I was able to find old dance costumes, scrapbooks, and shirts that I begged my mom to buy, yet never even wore (sorry mom, lol). It has now been 7 months since moving into this house and I already need to go through my closet again. (ALSO !!!! If you have not worn it in the last 6mo-1yr, DONATE! You will not wear it nor miss it I PROMISE !!! )

3. Take your dog for longer walks/GET OUT OF THE HOUSE

With this whole pandemic going on, it is easy to feel trapped and isolated. If you aren't ill, and you are able to, put on a comfy pair of shoes, and go walk around the neighborhood! I recently found trails in my neighborhood and have enjoyed walking through them with my dog, and she definitely appreciates the longer walks. Not only has this helped me get out of my room, but it makes me feel GOOD! Ask your mom/dad/sibling/whoever to go with to. They would really appreciate it and it is important to stay connected with family members.

4. Redecorate your bedroom/bathroom

Chances are, if you are a college kid like me, you do not live at home regularly anymore. Use this time to go through your desk drawers that are filled with old receipts, dried up makeup wipes, and your glasses from 5th grade. It is also refreshing to have some change when you feel so stuck. Move your bed around, put your dresser on a different wall. Mix it up!

5. Start a puzzle

Now I have to be honest...this one is not for me, BUT some people enjoy it. My mom LOVES puzzles. She always has a million pieces on the dining room table that slowly come together each day. Check out amazon and send a few to your house! Finishing a tedious task is very rewarding.

6. Start a new hobby/Pick up old ones

Growing up, I loved being creative and all things art. As I got older, I lost that side of me. I show it here and there, but I do not make it a priority whatsoever. Recently, my mom told me that I still have a bunch of blank canvas' and paint in the basement, so I definitely know what I will be picking back up during this time. It is really easy to get so caught up in social media and feel trapped, especially when you are forced to come home and leave all of your friends so suddenly. Dust off the old basketball, pick up the guitar, get engaged.

7. Learn to cook

Now I am not saying you will turn into a chef, but I am sure your mom would appreciate having someone else cook dinner for once. I love looking at new recipes on pinterest and making folders. Then, when times like this come around, I can go back and pick one to either make myself, or send to my mom and ask her if we (she) can make it. And trust me, this will taste a lot better than a frozen pizza.

8. Start a blog

And now it's time to officially introduce myself. Hi guys, my name is Emily and I am 21 years old. I am a junior at the University of Mississippi pursuing a degree in Integrated Marketing Communications in the school of Journalism and New Media. I have always been interested in blogs and wanted to start my own, yet never got around to it. And well, now I am!!

If you made it this far, thank you and I hope you use at least one of these tips either during this crisis or once it is over. It is really important to take a step back before the madness consumes you. Trust me, I know how easy it is to get stuck in that dark hole, and it is so so hard to come out of it. Stay healthy, reach out to your loved ones, and try something new today!!

xoxo, Emily LeClair

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