All my life, I have struggled with my skin. I have not always had clear skin, and I still get breakouts now. However, after many years of trial and error, I have discovered some really good ways to combat my skin problems, so today I am going to share them!

Please remember that some of these tips may not work for you or your skin type. I have combination skin, so it is oily in my T-Zone but dry in other places. Do what is best for you. If you have questions about a skin regimen, consult with a dermatologist before starting anything!

1. Drink more water!

This one is almost a no-brainer. Drinking more water keeps you hydrated, which keeps your skin looking fresh. It also gives you a nice, healthy glow! People will tell you to drink 8-10 glasses of water per day, but it actually all depends on your body. You know yourself better than anyone else, so only drink as much as you feel you can. If you make yourself sick, then it will be harder to re-hydrate yourself!

2. Do NOT sleep with makeup on!

This one should be a self-explanatory one. By leaving your makeup on, you are suffocating your pores and allowing all of the dirt and product on your face to seep into your skin. I know it is so tempting to just crash in your bed after a long day and sleep. If this is you, try keeping cleansing wipes by your bed. That way, you can just swipe off your makeup while your Netflix is loading!

3. Always use sunscreen!

No matter what the weather is, if youre going outside, you should always be putting SPF on your skin. Without it, you could get dark spots, wrinkles, and even skin cancer. This is one rule that everyone should be following. Sunscreen can literally save your life!

4. Change your pillowcases!

No matter how well you wash your face before bed, your pillowcases still get a lot of different buildup on them. Oils from your skin and hair, sweat, drool, everything and anything lives on your pillowcases. It is best to change them once a week. As a bonus, using silk pillowcases will cut down on frizz with your hair!

5. Exfoliate the right way!

Your skin on your face is not the same as the skin on your body. The skin on your face is more sensitive, therefore it does not require heavy-duty scrubs. Do not use body exfoliator on your face! It is dangerous and can cause micro-abrasions that break down the collagen in your skin. Only exfoliate once or twice a week, depending on how dry your skin is.

6. Don't touch your face!

I don't know if it's just me, but I find myself touching my face so often during the day! I like to rest my face in my hands when I'm tired, which is always to be honest. The more you touch your face, the more dirt and oils you get onto it. So try to stay hands-off as much as possible!

7. Try to go makeup-free for a day!

Pick one day a week to take care of yourself. Do a face mask, wash your face well, moisturize, then just let it go! By doing this, you allow your skin a break so it can breathe. It's also very relaxing to treat yourself!

8. Talk to a dermatologist!

If you have tried everything and still can't get rid of your acne, talk to a dermatologist. If you have cystic acne or persistent chronic acne, there are medications out there that can help with the pain and appearance of your acne. A dermatologist will be able to determine if you need a prescription and will work with you to get clearer, healthier skin!

I hope these tips help! Remember that not everything works for everyone, so it is important to come up with a skin regimen that works best for you!