8 Times We Loved Brett Dier As Michael Cordero In 'Jane The Virgin'

The most recent episode of 'Jane The Virgin,' broke my heart. A character that we all loved, Michael Cordero portrayed by an actor that we loved just as much (Brett Dier) was recently killed off of the show. His death was unexpected, and kind of shocking to its audience. The show returned to television on January 30th with the first episode taking place mainly in the hospital. The episode entailed of Jane reminiscing on the first time she met Michael, and how they butted heads at first. At the end of the episode, Michael pulled through as he always did, because that's the kind of person his character is. The loss of Michael will stay with me for a while, it's a tough one to get over.

Here are eight times Brett Dier, helped us fall in love with Michael Cordero:

1. Just look at him. He can be a real-life Disney Prince.


2. No matter how tough it got, he always fought for Jane.

Like A LOT.

3. He never stopped showing Jane how much she meant to him.


4. He loved a baby that wasn't his, like his own.

Michael WAS Mateo's second Dad.

5. His dance moves.

6. He always knew what to say.

Especially when it came to making Jane feel better.

7. He always admitted when he was wrong.

And apologized for it.

8. His bromance with Rogelio.


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