The week leading up to Spring break is always the worst. We're tired, hungry, and just over school. Here are all of the thoughts you are probably having leading up to Spring break:

1. "How many more exams can I have?"

You probably only have one exam this week, but it feels like the millionth and you just want to go home.

2. "Is it Friday yet?"

Every day leading up to Friday, and when you hit Friday you're so tired you think it is Wednesday.

3. "Did I miss that homework assignment?"

You probably didn't miss anything, but you have to get all of your stuff in order before being gone for a week.

4. "Ugh, what am I even going to do during Spring break?"

It's a whole week, possibly without your friends, and you're gonna be so bored. Wrong, you'll be sleeping, loving it, and then time will unfortunately fly.

5. "I definitely need to pack my whole closet."

You always think you are going to wear everything and then only wear the same 3 shirts for a week, just like you do at school.

6. "I am so freaking tired."

It's your last few days before you can sleep for a week and boy, it is hitting you.

7. "I'm going to miss my friends."

It's always weird when you see people every day and then just don't see them.

8. "Am I forgetting anything?"

While already looking at your overstuffed bag that's begging you to unpack some.