8 Questions Students Ask Themselves During Summer Courses

Summer used to be a time to relax, a time when young students could lay around in pajamas all day and no one even cared. Not anymore. As those carefree kids grow up, it becomes time to get a job and responsibilities don't end with the school year. In fact, more students than ever are signing up for summer courses. Whether it's to catch up or get ahead, college students who are enrolled in summer classes have probably asked themselves these 8 questions:

1. Why did I think summer classes were a good idea?

2. Why do I hate myself so very very much?

3. You want me to do WHAT in 6 weeks? No way..

4. This is definitely the worst kind of torture.

5. Why are they making this class harder than it needs to be?

6. Am I a slave to this professor?

7. All-online? No problem… but why won't my professor answer his email?!

8. Is burning my computer a good reason for my late assignments?

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