8 Things You Should Never Buy Generic

While shopping in the grocery store you may wonder whether or not "cutting the bill" is worth purchasing a generic product. Sometimes you just shouldn't do it. Here are some products you should never try to save money on.

1. Deodorant

Honestly, for all I know generic deodorant could be perfectly fine. But I wouldn't know because I've never used generic deodorant because it's simply one of those things that should have no chance of failure.

2. Cola

When people choose soda, the debate typically consists of the two brands "Pepsi" and "Coke." The name "Cola" NEVER gets thrown into the mix because Cola is utterly disgusting compared to the other two.

3. Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is one thing you don't want to fall apart while you're using it. The cheaper the tissue, the fewer the fibers, and the less absorbent it really is. You'll save money per roll but in the end, you'll use more of the generic to get the job done.

4. Ketchup

Let's be real.. They just don't taste the same.

5. Smartphone Chargers

This goes especially for Apple products. Sometimes generic chargers can be okay, but before purchasing you should check the power rating. If the rating is too high you are risking damaging your device. But if the rating is too low, it could take days to complete a full charge.

6. Batteries

Most likely, if a battery is generic and isn't alkaline it won't have as much power or last as long.

7. Cheese

Don't pinch pennies with your cheese! Everyone knows that the only macaroni and cheese worth eating is Kraft and the same goes for processed. (For those of you judging me for eating processed cheese step into the real world and enjoy a glorious grilled cheese one time.)

8. Paint

Is saving a couple of dollars really worth a cheap and thin paint? Read the reviews before you make a purchase.

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