8 Things You Should Know About Las Vegas Before Visiting
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8 Things You Should Know About Las Vegas Before Visiting

Vegas, the notorious city known for parties unleashes the wild side in people

8 Things You Should Know About Las Vegas Before Visiting

As soon as you see the flashing sign 'Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas', you know you are in for a treat. Las Vegas, the ultimate city known for its parties, shows and gambling is a city everyone should visit at least once in their life time. Located on the southwest corner of Nevada sits this infamous city. Adult or not, there is something for everyone to do in Las Vegas. Here are 8 things you should know before visiting Las Vegas:

Las Vegas is nicknamed the Sin City

Proud tourists and residents gladly call Las Vegas the Sin City. Gambling is legal here, unlike most other major U.S. cities. Alcohol is available to purchase at many places along the strip. This city glorifies the night life and being rebellious which is why this city is nicknamed Sin City.

"The Hangover" film glorifies the wild party scene of Las Vegas

The adult comedy "The Hangover" released in 2009 is one of the many films that promotes the city of Las Vegas. The story revolves around a group of groomsmen who celebrate their friend who is soon to be married named Doug.The group has too much fun though as they cannot find Doug. The film delivers a message of what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas when the group parties wild.

The Strip and Fremont Street offers miles of excitement

Las Vegas Blvd or better known as the Strip are where all the parties take place. Mandalay Bay, Caesars Palace, The Flamingo and MGM Grand are some of the many top notch hotels that offer casinos and other fun things to do, and are all located on this mile strip. Also, the mini Eiffel Tower is located at the center of the strip and is a tourist hot spot. Fremont Street about three miles away from the strip is also a tourist hot spot that offer similar attractions. It stretches six city blocks and features a zip line.

The Las Vegas Monorail connects you to all the main attractions

Why bother to walk or drive in this traffic crazy city filled with cars and people? Las Vegas has a smart way in connecting all the attractions together. The Monorail is the solution to go. It is fast and reliable and trains run every seven minutes throughout the day and is available 20 hours a day during the weekend and 16 hours a day during the weekday. Stay safe and use the monorail when going on your next destination.

Panic! At The Disco wrote a song dedicated to Las Vegas

Lead singer of Panic! At The Disco Brendon Urie sings his heart out in the song 'Vegas Lights.' This song is is an ode to Panic At The Disco's Las Vegas roots. Growing up in Las Vegas, there career launched in this city. 'In the Vegas lights
Where villains spend the weekend. The deep end.We're swimming with the sharks until we drown," are some of the lyrics that scream out Vegas. Give it a listen while on your trip to Vegas.

The Mirage Volcano offers shows at the start of each hour

During the evenings and at night, The Mirage Volcano is a tourist attraction that offers a free show that lasts about five minutes. During this show, a massive volcano on the strip erupts with people watching in awe. The best part is this attraction is free and is something everyone should watch before heading off somewhere in the night.

The Fountains of Bellagio are gorgeous

These fountains offer a stunning view to visitors. These fountains are seen in many films shot in Las Vegas and is something to not miss out on. Another attraction that is free, the show offers music to accompany these fountains.

Take the iconic 'I went to Vegas photo' at the Fabulous Las Vegas Sign

If there is one thing you must certainly do or go see is the Las Vegas sign. Take a picture of it and save it to preserve a memory that you made it to the fabulous city and had fun. This sign is located about one mile south of the strip.

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