8 Things You Should Be Doing During Syllabus Week
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8 Things You Should Be Doing During Syllabus Week

Organize your notebooks for each class.

8 Things You Should Be Doing During Syllabus Week

School for many people is starting again soon, and many may have the resolution to make their spring semester better than their winter semester. But did you know that one of the most important weeks is actually syllabus week? So here are some things you should be doing during syllabus week to keep you on top all semester long.

1. As soon as you get your syllabus for each class, write down all important dates in a planner and/or your phone.

This way, there are no surprises all semester, and it gives you time to look at the semester as a whole and plan ahead for projects that may be tricky.

2. Find at least one buddy in each class.

This way, if you miss a class, you will have someone you can get the notes from and any assignment details.

3. Organize your notebooks for each class.

Whether you organize them by the time you have each class, or by color, make sure your books are organized so when you are rushing, it's much easier to grab them.

4. If there are any assignments you can do, do them!

This will make your life easier, as you won't have to worry about that assignment's specific due date.

5. Write down the professors' contact information and make an excel sheet or put it on the front of your notebooks or in your planner.

This way, finding office hours and location, or an email won't seem half as hard when you know the exact spot all the information is at.

6. If you know what the first lecture will be about, read that chapter!

This way, you will be extra prepared when coming to class.

7. Set a study schedule for the year, and stick to it.

By setting specific times in your schedule to study, you now actually have time to study! No more saying "I don't have time!"

8. Make sure you know what materials and textbooks are required, and have them ready.

And if you get a book that you find out you dont need, just send it back.

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