8 Things To Look Forward To As Senior Year Ends
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8 Things To Look Forward To As Senior Year Ends

High school may have been fun, but college will be even more fun.

8 Things To Look Forward To As Senior Year Ends
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Across America, there are thousands of teenagers in their last semester of high school. In these last two months leading up to graduation, teenagers get very emotional since a lot of people will be leaving the town they have been living in since they were a little kid. However, in the midst of all these mixed feelings, I decided to make a list of eight fun and happy things to look forward to as senior year comes to an end.

1. Second-semester senioritis

Right now we can all get away with not doing homework a couple nights or not studying as much. We are already in college and they won’t see our second-semester grades so who cares? Once college starts our GPA actually matters again. And this time, the stakes are even higher. Right now we are hardly working. In college, we’ll be always working, so let’s enjoy it while we can. We deserve it.

2. Senior prom

The music, the dancing, the photos, the dress and the friends. It is a night to remember- probably one of the best memories most people have of high school. One of the last times the senior grade is all together at once killing it on the dance floor. Even people who are normally introverts channel their inner Elaine (from Seinfeld) on this night. Then once the night is over there is after prom!! Whether it is chilling at a friend’s house or renting a prom house, the fun with your closest friends continues.

3. Senior ditch day(s)

This is probably one of my favorite things on this list. As a second-semester senior, school isn’t as important as it used to be. This is the one crazy and adventurous day for seniors, usually the day after prom, where you can go anywhere. Some people even ditch the entire week and take a trip somewhere!

4. College decision day

We all have worked so hard these past four years to get into college. This is the day when we all wear our college apparel, show our college spirit and get excited about what is ahead of us. It is fun to see where everyone is going to enter the next phase of their life.

5. Graduation

This is one emotional night! The entire grade all together receiving their diploma- physical evidence of what everyone has worked for. Everyone celebrating the end of one phase of our life. Of course with graduation also comes the graduation parties (where we receive presents if we host) !!

6. Summer vacation

This is probably the last summer vacation we have to ourselves. No more resume building! The summer after this will probably be filled with internships, volunteering, research, classes, and/or part-time jobs. Use this time for yourself and your friends. Do what you want to do! It is probably the last time you guys will be together too. Go out for the last hurrah!

7. All the life skills that are thrown at you

A lot of us will be leaving our homes and moving out near the end of summer. As nerve wrecking this may be for us, it is ten times worse for our parents. Not only are they sad that their child is moving out, they are also worried! We get thrown at all these “life skills” such as doing the laundry, managing a bank account, making food, and doing the dishes!

8. College

Most people call their college days the best days of their life. And although it will be filled with studying and work, there will also be new friends and adventures. High school may have been fun, but college will be even more fun. It is the time where we take the classes that genuinely interest us and actually are relevant to what job we want to do in the future.

* * *

So when you start to get sad that high school is coming to an end, just remember that there is still time left and there are still a lot of things to look forward to. You are only a high school senior once so turn that frown upside down.

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