8 Things That Make As Much Sense As Donald Trump Being President
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8 Things That Make As Much Sense As Donald Trump Being President

8 Things That Make As Much Sense As Donald Trump Being President
Imani N. Russell

1. Razor commercials in which women shave their already bare legs.

Ah yes. According to the marketers-who-are-also-clearly-scientists that work for pretty much all razor companies, the female leg is naturally hairless. Which is exactly why those of us who shave should buy their products — to remove the hairs that we apparently don’t have covering our legs.

A few questions, razor companies:

  • Did she forget that she shaved that leg already?
  • Is her hair just super white blonde that it couldn’t possibly be visible to the human eye?
  • Are razor companies actually using the legs of 6 year old children for these shaving shots?

It is amazing how disgusting people find hair on a woman’s leg that they won’t even show it in a commercial for a shaving product! Super!

2. How adolescent boys are encouraged to eat during puberty but adolescent girls are shamed for doing so.

We have all heard it before. “He’s a growing boy! He needs to build up his strength!” I grew up with two brothers, and I heard this mess tossed around so much from family and friends.

Thrown my way?

“You gotta watch what you eat! You have to count calories and work on your figure.”

Right. I forgot that adolescent girls don’t grow at all! They stay eleven years old forever — which explains the hairless-leg razor commercials...

Puberty is a time of mental, emotional, and physical development for ALL adolescents. It is a pivotal point in their lives, and it is also a time when eating disorders arise. In adolescence, 10 females to every 1 male is diagnosed with anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa. By telling adolescent girls that they should be “watching their figures” instead of encouraging them to eat and be healthy in order to grow, not only does that mess with their development, it also affects their mental and physical health — which could be fatal.

3. Troy Bolton feeling like he has to make a choice between the game and the song, when he could very well participate in both.

I played soccer for ten years while also singing and participating in school musicals and operettas. If I could do it, so could star basketball player and singing extraordinaire Troy Bolton.

Troy, there was no need to choose between the two! I think you knew it was possible all along. You CAN keep your head in the game AND your heart in the song.

4. #BlueLivesMatter

This hashtag was made in response to the Black Lives Matter hashtag and movement. #BlackLivesMatter was started as a call-to-action for Black people after the 2013 acquittal of George Zimmerman for the murder of Trayvon Martin — a trial in which Trayvon was portrayed as the perpetrator. Several cops were shot by civilians in the time after the trial, and thus #BlueLivesMatter was created.

Sure. Police are important (sometimes). I’m sure many of them try to “serve and protect”. However, I’m also sure that pretty much all cops go through training and sign up to be cops knowing how dangerous the job is going to be. No one signs up to be Black. No Black child signs up to go to a pool party and be dragged around the sidewalk by a police officer while only wearing a swimsuit. No Black person gets pulled over by the cops knowing that they will definitely make it home safely that night. It is a blessing to be Black, but when it comes to police encounters, it is usually the police serving up false charges and assault and only protecting other “Blue Lives”.

5. The Cheetah Girls: One World

Excuse me, but where was Raven? Where was the empowering music? Where was the good music? Where was the growl power? WHERE WAS THE GROWL POWER????

6. The death of Sandra Bland.

Sandra Bland was a Black woman visiting Texas from Chicago for a job interview, when she was pulled over in her car for a simple traffic violation — failing to use her turn signal. Somehow this stop ended up with officers pushing her to ground, and one of them jamming his knee into her neck and arresting her. After spending the weekend in the Waller County jail, Sandra was “found hanging in her cell” — a tragedy that the sheriff Glenn Smith (who was suspended for documented cases of racism at his last job) claimed was a suicide.

A suicide. Over a traffic violation. Right. No foul play or racism here.

7. Straight Pride Parades.

8. This quote:

She does have a very nice figure. I’ve said if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.”

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, this quote is from an interview with Donald Trump in 2006 on The View.

Trump said that. About his daughter. The child who he helped make with his obviously presidential sperm.

I guess all I have left to say is: #Trump2016. We all know this is what makes sense.

Photo edits created by me.

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