8 Things Every Girl With Thin Hair Knows TOO Well

8 Things Every Girl With Thin Hair Knows TOO Well

Spoiler alert: all eight are struggles.

Living with thin hair should be worthy of an award.

I just can't imagine that girls with luxurious manes have as many problems as us less fortunate gals. They're always like "I have too much hair!" Yeah, well most of my problems stem from having not enough hair.

1. Ponytails

These are most girls "go to lazy look" or something they can even pull off for a night out, but for girls struggling with thin hair, it looks like you put a scrunchy around a couple pieces of angel hair spaghetti. AND It's almost guaranteed your scalp is going to make an appearance.

2. Having to wash it every day

Because if you don't, you'll have to use an entire can of dry shampoo to try and hide the greasiness.

3. Styles are limited

Imagine this, sitting around with your friends talking about your future dream weddings, what you want your dress to look like, what you want your bridesmaids to wear, and how you want your hair to look.....all fine and dandy, until you remember how your thin hair is and how little you can do with it.

4. Hats are tricky

Oh? you want to wear a beanie? Do you want to also look bald? Yes? Ok then wear the beanie

5. Panicking every time a strand of hair falls out

What if one day its your last piece? It's probably and irrational fear, but every time you look in the drain of the shower, or at all the hairs that have accumulated in your brushes you die a little inside in fear of one day your hair being thinner and thinner, until it's gone.

6. It blowing in the wind

All your thick haired friends look hot when the wind blows their hair, but you find yourself using more and more hairspray to avoid such disasters.

7. You're tired of people pointing it out

If ONE MORE person says "omg your hair is so thin!!!" I may lose my cool. I know it's thin...it's attached to my head.....I struggle with it every day

8. And even more tired of "Well at least your hair isn't thick!"

Ok, then let's trade and we'll see how fast you want your thick hair back.

But on the plus side, we've never had to worry about leaving the house with wet hair, because it's pretty much dry right after we turn the shower off.

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Appreciating My Afro While Admiring Its Versatility

I am beginning to fall more in love with my natural hair each day.


I keep a wide variety of wigs. I have three different mannequin heads and I change my hairstyles like I change my underwear—daily. Now, my hairstyle changes are never anything extremely drastic. Reason being, with my career path and classes, I choose not to go overboard unless on vacation.

I had never really paid any mind to the fact that I change my hair so much until I got to class one day and my professor addressed it. He calls my name, looks at my ID photo and turns his gaze back to me. "Wow, Did you change your hair again? " I laugh it off and nod my head in agreement. "The girl of many hairstyles" he now calls me.

Two weeks later I came to class with straight, dark hair. Three weeks following it was long and brown and now I sit with a huge puff on the top of my head looking strikingly similar to a piece of broccoli.

I'll admit, I probably complain about my natural hair more than the average person. I rarely wear my hair out because it requires so much maintenance. A wash day is literally that\, an entire day dedicated to me washing my hair. It starts with a wash, next a deep condition, a thorough detangling session and finally the ever so daunting task of blow drying. After this day's work, I'm exhausted and my scalp always feels like its been through the wringer. But, to see how much my hair has grown makes it all worth it.

I honestly enjoy the versatility of my natural hair because I don't have to stick to just one style. My hair usually reflects how I am feeling at the time and I find thrill in picking a color or hairstyle that I've never tried before. It usually ends with me choosing long hair or a short bob but either way, a new do is more than liberating for me.

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