For all you who have watched The ABC show, Scandal, you know after every long, dramatic day, the first thing our favorite drama queen, Olivia Pope, likes to do is pour herself a big glass of red wine. Since we can all easily relate, here are 8 GIFs of are favorite Drama Queen to describe the 8 Stages of Drunk Calling Your Ex.

1. It always happens after a rough day, and all you want is one glass of wine.

For all you Scandal lovers, you may have noticed the only time you see Olivia smile is after her first chug of wine, but can you blame her?

2. You may have had one glass of wine too many. You start to think this is a good idea.

After such a long day you sometimes don't even realize how many glasses of wine you've gone through, and then the wine starts talking... Why not give your ex a call?

3. Once you finally get a hold and convince him to talk, you forgot what you want to talk about.

You might not have considered that he would actually answer the phone and now you find yourself at a loss of things you actually want to talk about - but you can't hang up now.

4. When he asks how many other people you have called before.

It's the wine talking now, and you realize it might be slightly offensive that he wasn't the first person you thought to call, then you start to realize you might regret this conversation (along with the other ones) in the morning.

5. When you wake up in the morning and look at your call log and regret ever using your phone.

Oh no, your alarm goes off, and while you're laying in bed, you have some horrible flashback that you may have talked to your ex last night.

6. When you realize you don’t remember what you said.

Reality only gets worse when you look at your phone and see a 15-minute conversation along with the other six calls you thought would be a good idea. You try to remember what you said, but you're not sure if you even want to know.

7. When you see him calling you in the morning.

REGRET. About the only word that comes to mind as you see his name come up on your phone. Maybe you can just deny that you ever talked?

8. Promising yourself next time you go out you won’t call him.

You are trying to go about your day as normal but keep getting flashbacks of things you might have said. Promising yourself next time you have something to drink, you won't touch your phone.