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8 Highly Useful Skills For Future Freelance Editors

If you love writing and choose to pursue it as a career, you need to hone these skills.

8 Highly Useful Skills For Future Freelance Editors

I speak from experience when I write that these skills are highly sought-after. For future freelance editors and writers out there, if you want to land contracts with high-profile clients, these skills are the best place to start. Quite often you can find free tutorials on learning the basic operations of computer programs. If you're serious and ambitious about your freelancing, you can earn certifications in some of these programs, too! Then, when you're pitching your services to potential clients, they'll understand that you really are a pro!

Note: This list is not all-inclusive. These skills are merely my suggestion for a strong head-start in the freelance editing and writing business.

1. Proposals and portfolios

The first part of being a freelance editor or writer is obtaining work as a freelance editor or writer. Seems obvious, right? Well, the first thing potential clients will see is a proposal for work and a portfolio of previous projects. If said proposal is ill-written, there's no chance of landing those gigs. A winning proposal is organized, detailed, and thorough. Do research on high-quality proposals and portfolios then develop a style of your own.

2. Adobe InDesign

What can you create? Newsletters, advertisements, pamphlets, fliers, webpage designs, letterheads, signage… The list goes on! You can even create routine paperwork such as proposals, contracts, and business regulations with letterheads that look official and upscale.

3. Photoshop

Small businesses always want edited photos for their website or socials. Startups are busy getting their business running. Veteran businesses may not have an employee with the skills and may not want to hire a full-time employee just to edit photos. This is where freelance editors come in! You edit a photo as needed and both businesses grow!

Plus, you can edit your own pictures for your website, socials, hobby photography blog, etc!

4. Web content

Obviously, the internet is all the rage these days. And the internet is changing faster than you can say "world wide web!" Businesses usually want a person to keep their website up to date, modern, and innovative. Again, they may not want to hire a full-time employee (which is quite costly) to write articles and blog posts. Freelancers are great for getting a feel for the company, then writing content related to the company ideals that will catch the eyes of potential customers.

5. White papers

A white paper is a concise report which informs readers about a complex issue or an organization's philosophy. It may also persuade potential customers towards a product or service. A white paper contains proposals for a particular policy introduced in the document. Businesses use white papers to advocate for a certain position being the best solution. In a commercial situation, a business will try to convince returning and potential customers that their products or services are the best choices for the problem. Essentially, a white paper is a complex marketing tool. Some businesses may not have an employee with the proper skills or knowledge to write a white paper. So the business might hire outside help – a freelance writer – to do the research, conduct the interviews, and write the deliverable with great skill and in a shorter amount of time.

6. Press releases

A press release announces an event in the style of a newspaper article. The event could be a conference, a product release, a government voting, or a community tragedy. The information in a press release is fairly straightforward – who, what, when, where, why, how.

They do require a bit of creative thinking, though. When it comes to product releases, the writer needs to focus on product features that are innovative, new, and fascinating to potential buyers. A product that sounds like every other product on the market will not be a success. However, a product with something new and exciting will get people talking and buying.

Press releases are critical for letting people know what's going on in their community. Businesses and organizations love sending their info to a freelance writer and quickly receiving a high-quality press release in return. This relationship allows a business to continue their routine operations while actively announcing products, services, and community events.

7. Technical writing

In this digital age, companies are constantly building new technologies that consumers will have to learn how to use. These companies aren't just going to hand the latest gadgets to whomever and let them figure it out for themselves. These gadgets require operators' manuals full of technical language. That's where freelance writers come in! A writer who specializes in technical writing will be invaluable to a company who wants to get their product on the market as soon as possible. The more technical gadgets in the world – the more demand for technical writers!

8. Citing sources

Whether it be MLA, Chicago, or APA, you must always site your sources. That should be obvious. But if it's not something we study regularly in school, we may forget. And businesses will never hire you if you're a potential plagiarism risk. Site. Site. Site. And do it right. It'll show you're keeping up with the law and respecting the work of your fellow writers.

If you're thinking of entering the freelance editing or writing business, take these skills to heart. Learn them. Do a lot of research and learn extra skills that make you a diverse and highly-useful freelancer. The more you can do, the more successful you'll be!

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