"Old soul" -- What does it mean? How do you know if you are one? What makes an old soul, an old soul? Read on for 8 signs that you might be an old soul.

1. The infatuation with temporary pleasure doesn't interest you the way it does most people your age. You are after timeless gratifications, such as love, friendship, and the beauty of nature.

2.You tend to live your life internally - extremely observant. You process your feelings internally, and you're not necessarily the best at vocalizing your experiences and feelings. You are extremely in touch with your emotions. You have the ability to understand what you are feeling and why you are feeling it, but you have a difficult time interacting with individuals who have yet to experience a sense of self-discovery.

3. People often come to you for advice rather than to gossip. And likewise, you'd rather give advice than gossip. People admire your sense of compassion and often describe you as an understanding, intuitive, and wise nurturer.

4. The music you enjoy listening to often reflects your perspective on the world, your values, and the way you wish to live your life. You pay careful attention to lyrics, and sometimes feel a spiritual connection to music as a very purposeful and important means of communication.

5. You feel spiritually inclined and pursue answers that you know you will only find internally. As much wisdom as someone can share with you, and as important as you know it is to gain wisdom from others, you know you will only be able to find some answers and come to some realizations by searching deep within yourself.

6. Growing up, you generally enjoyed conversations with adults. You admired their experience. You understood their humor. You thrived on deeper intellectual conversation at a young age.

7. You feel as though you have experienced more than others your age in your lifetime. Not in a condescending way by any means, but it has allowed for more internal reflection.

8. Being on your own doesn't bother you. Throughout the day, you're generally overstimulated - always observing, seeking understanding, and connecting with others. That time you have to yourself is precious and necessary for your emotional well-being.