8 Signs You're Still Not Over The Death Of Alan Rickman

As reported last week, Alan Rickman has died at the age of 69. Some people know him as a brilliant English actor, although a large number of my fellow "Harry Potter" fans also know him as the coldly sarcastic Professor Severus Snape -- a hero in villain's clothing. Rickman repeatedly demonstrated his incredible ability to enchant the audience as he took on a mysteriously malicious persona in front of the camera. Though it sounds irritatingly cliche, the fact that the "Harry Potter" series wouldn't have been the same without the character of Snape is undoubtedly true! Here are some signs that you just aren't quite over the actor's death.

1. You've been binge watching the "Harry Potter" movies from the beginning!

And you're giving extra keen attention to every scene involving Severus Snape. As you re-watch the movies you've, without a doubt, seen at least four times in the past, you find Snape even more chilling yet compelling, and you find yourself to truly appreciate Rickman's talent more than you ever have.

2. You've read every Alan Rickman news story you could get your virtual hands on.

At first it was to verify that no, BBC News is not losing its mind and neither is CNN. But then, you found yourself clicking on any article with the mention of Alan Rickman or Severus Snape because of the outlets' portrayal of him. Plus, like any distraught fan, you have an insatiable need to find and grab as much information as possible.

3. You're wearing HP merch again.

You remember the comfort your Deathly Hallows beanie brought you way back when and you've become intent on resurfacing the feeling. I still have my Slytherin sweatshirt from high school proudly shining in my closet back home (though I really wish I had it with me). Who knew you could pack so many memories into something as 'small' as a Gryffindor scarf.

4. Or you've set out on a mission to buy HP merch.

Better late than never, right? Fans who didn't buy the merchandise like six or more years ago have probably taken up a newfound desire to own something Harry Potter related, or better yet something with Snape's name all over it.

5. Your Facebook timeline is experiencing a flood of Snape related posts.

Probably because you're still sharing literally every post that pays tribute to Alan Rickman (or Severus Snape). You have no shame in showing your 1,567 Facebook friends that you're still trying to show them (whether they want you to or not) that Snape was one of the most amazingly complex characters in the series.

6. You've been able to make room in your heart for Slytherin (even though you've always been a Gryffindor).

Slytherin suffered a sad loss and you feel for them. The house that was pretty much detested by many from the release of the first book has now become representative of (more) power and appreciation. Slytherins are also pretty great, right?

7. You thought about getting a small tattoo that says "Always."

That simple disyllabic word holds much more sentiment that you feel you probably don't want to forget. Is it just me or does that scene feel more emotionally intense than before?

8. You truly feel for his family and the cast.

Alan Rickman left behind two families: his blood and his Harry Potter blood. Fans all over the world are truly devastated by such a loss, but the truth is that some of just aren't yet ready to move on.

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