12 Reasons Why Taco Bell Is Better Than Dating
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12 Reasons Why Taco Bell Is Better Than Dating

I love you, nacho bell grande.

12 Reasons Why Taco Bell Is Better Than Dating

I have been through my share of relationships throughout the years, and don't get me wrong, they are great. The laughter, the memories, the tears--the ups and downs that comes along with every relationship. But after more than a year of being single, or at least I thought I was single, waiting for the man of my dreams to stumble into my life, I realized that he already had. I realized I had already fallen deeply in love in so many ways and it was unlike any other relationship I have been in. It was better.

It was Taco Bell.

He does all the right things at all the right times, and gives me so many reasons to keep coming back:

1. He never overdresses or underdresses to make you look bad.

You need him to be hot? You got it. Feeling casual or want a night in? Throw some mild at him, he doesn't mind.

2. He gives you butterflies after spending time with him.

You get that warm, fuzzy feeling deep in your stomach. Some people confuse this for the sour cream. But not me, I know its that feeling when you know you're in love.

3. He's always mixing it up, you never get bored!

Some days, I want a bean and cheese burrito. And some days, I want a nacho bell grande. And you know, some days I want both. He never fails to tend to my all needs and wants. And he always has something new to surprise me with every couple months.

4. He gives more than he takes, and never asks too much of you.

All the flavorful goodness of a 5 layer beefy layer burrito all for $1.29? A cheesy gordita crunch, $2.39? He gives you ten times the love that you give him and he still brings his "A" game every time you spend time together.

5. Let's be honest, He's a great kisser.

The taste of someone to my lips has never felt so good.

6. He's culturally diverse, and accepting of everyone.

He's lived and is loved in 20 different countries. Talk about a catch with mom and dad, am I right?!

7. He's not controlling.

He never cares when you're too drunk, and he doesn't get mad when you come over at 2 a.m. unannounced. He's just always there to provide for you.

8. He doesn't get jealous.

Commitment is scary, I get it. Have no fear, you do you, and if that means Burger King tonight, that's okay. He will never love you any less and will always be ready with open arms when you decide to come back.

9. He's always down to try new things!

Captain Crunch Bites?! Impressive. And I dig it.

10. He accepts you for who you are, no embarrassment necessary.

He doesn't care if you get beans on your t-shirt, or cheese hanging from your chin. Or if you come over in pj's and no makeup. And he totally understands if you need to let one rip.

11. He's always ready when you are.

Yeah he is ;)

12. And he's always there for you when you need him.

Just a drive-thru or post mates away :')

Taco Bell? More like TacoBae.

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