The holidays, the time of loving one another, being with family, and watching a couple of grown women fight over a scarf; what a peaceful time of the year. With the holidays comes a lot of hectic shopping: Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and basically any other day close to Christmas.

Yes, holiday shopping can be both stressful and fun, but on the retailers' end, it's just a friggin sh*t show. The annual holiday shopping season is a nightmare for anyone in retail because it's just a nonstop series of running to get things for people, wrapping a million presents, and wishing you were at home watching Hallmark movies and not checking out someone who just asked to see your manager. Though it is rough, retail workers pull through, even if that means taking it one day at a time, or venting about it in an article.

1. The never-ending gift wrapping

Actual footage of me after I am told to wrap yet another present.

2. Rude customers

Um excuse me ma'am, but WHERE TF IS YOUR CHRISTMAS SPIRIT AT?? I get it that holiday shopping can be stressful and all, but it hasn't been a picnic for me either. So, if we could just all take a deep breathe and be nice to each other that would be just grand.

And, no, you may not speak to my manager. :)

3. Christmas music on loop

I usually am all for Christmas music and love it, but after a halfway through a 10-hour shift, I start to hate it. If I have to hear J-I-N-G-L-E Bells one more time I'm going to lose my M-I-N-D.

4. Everything is SO static-y

With all the suede, flannel and fur in season, so is static. You will just be shocked at least 10 times each shift. It's riveting.

5. The crowds

My reaction to all the animal-like customers bursting through the doors on Black Friday. You can't let them sense your fear, they're out for blood.

6. No time for breaks

The only break you may get is a slight moment of shoving food into your mouth, but that's about it.

7. Shoplifting is on a rise this time of the year

Don't be the Grinch trying to steal Christmas, please :).

8. Customers trying to stop you after you clocked out

Nope. Sorry. GTG. Catcha Later. No longer getting paid for this.