8 Reasons Why to Love TSwift
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8 Reasons Why to Love TSwift

8 Reasons Why to Love TSwift

Taylor Swift dropped her new album in October and, to no

surprise, the album was a huge success. The country pop star is frequently criticized for her “long list of ex-lovers” and her cliché lyrics. Regardless of what the haters say, Taylor Swift is still one of the most influential celebrities today. If you’re still skeptical, here are some reasons why you should give Swift a chance.    

1. She can make fun of herself.

In her new album, 1989, Taylor Swift makes fun of herself and the way that the media portrays her. In “Blank Space,” she calls upon her dating history and jokes about how crazy of a girlfriend she is. Anyone should respect a girl who can recognize and make fun of her own “flaws.”   

2. She can handle just about anything. Remember the VMAS in 2009? Remember when Kanye cut Taylor Swift off in the middle of her acceptance speech? Swift handled that situation like a true lady and deserves so much credit for that.   

3. Her lyrics are relatable. Taylor Swift has a way of writing lyrics about her own life while making them completely relatable to just about every girl in the world. She isn’t afraid to talk about her emotions and experiences that most girls go through at some point in their life.    

4. There’s a Taylor Swift song for just about every mood you’re in. I’m pretty sure Taylor Swift wrote a song for every possible situation or mood. She has break up songs that you can cry to for hours, but she also has songs that you can sing and dance to in your room when you’re happy for no reason.   

5. She dances like nobody is watching. Did you happen to see her at the AMA’s this year? She was having the time of her life dancing to every performance. She doesn’t care how silly she looks. All she truly cares about is having fun and living in the moment.   

6. She LOVES her fans … probably more than her fans love her. I think Taylor Swift is one of the only celebrities who takes just as many pictures of her fans as they do of her. One time she even chased down a fan that was wearing her tour T-shirt, just to say hello. It’s so obvious that Taylor Swift genuinely loves and appreciates all of her fans.   

7. She’s not afraid to call a boy out when he deserves it. Many boys are scared to date her because she tends to write songs about all the mean things they’ve done to her. I think this is pretty admirable; if a boy deserves to be called out, then she should call them out! Taylor Swift won’t let any boy walk all over her.  

8. She’s the cutest dork. Taylor Swift is just an all around cute dork. She knows she’s weird but she embraces it.  

Like Taylor Swift says, “the haters gonna hate”. But the fact that she’s the only female artist in music history to sell one million copies of an album in the first week two times just shows how awesome she really is.

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