8 Reasons Having Brothers Is The Greatest
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8 Reasons Having Brothers Is The Greatest

S/O to my brothers! Love you guys!

8 Reasons Having Brothers Is The Greatest
Sydney Benton

I never realized the value of having brothers until I got older, but hey -- better late than never! Throughout my entire life, I picked on my brothers and they picked on me back. For a while, I thought they were mean, stinky, and annoying, but now I realize they're actually pretty great. So here are some realizations I've had about how great my brothers are, and maybe they'll help you see how great your brothers are, too!

1. They're a built-in friend who will hang out with you.

You're bored on a Saturday night and all your friends are busy. What do you do? Hang out with your brother! Plus, your mom is totally supportive of family bonding, so she'll probably give you money to go to the movies (as long as you bring her home popcorn).

2. They understand your weird family, because it's their family, too.

No one will quite understand your family like someone else in your family. Your brother is a great help when Aunt _____ makes a weird casserole at Christmas and you guys have to discretely get rid of it. You can make jokes together about your family and laugh to ease the boredom of family gatherings.

3. They offer a different perspective.

Talking to your brother is a great way to hear something from a male perspective. Boys definitely think differently than girls, and a brother is like a living cheat sheet for 'Boy World'.

4. They're goofy.

I can't speak for everyone, and I may be completely biased, but my brothers are absolutely hilarious. I'm always laughing when they're around.

5. They're protective.

Maybe not in the typical "beat up your ex for breaking your heart" way, but they're still looking out for you. You might not care what other people say to you or about you, but your brother is definitely not going to let anything slide. They think you're great, and they're not going to let people think otherwise.

6. They teach you your motherly instincts.

We all know boys are gross. Having to share a bathroom with your brother teaches you the importance of cleanliness. For some reason, girls just understand certain things that some boys don't. Through my love for my brothers, I learned how to basically take care of a grown child. From throwing their smelly clothes in the washing machine, to teaching them how to fold their laundry, to making them food (we had to have basic cooking lessons when I left for college because I wasn't going to be there to make them grilled cheese or eggs anymore), my brothers definitely turned me into that "mom friend" that takes care of everybody else. It's who I am now.

7. They keep you hip.

Either I'm super lame, or they're just really cool. My brothers are always introducing me to the newest music, suggesting a great show on Netflix, or showing me the new funny meme on Twitter.

8. They're there when you need help.

They're like personal servants when you need help. Boys are strong, so I've definitely asked "Will you carry my suitcase upstairs for me?" a time or two. They're good for other helpful tasks, too: like when you don't want to do the dishes or you don't feel like driving, ask your brother!

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