8 Reasons to Watch Bob's Burgers

In the spirit of last week's season premiere, here are 8 reasons to watch Bob's Burgers.

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1. It's fairly family friendly!

While some of the humor might go over younger kid's heads, I'd give it a PG-13 rating at its worst. Unlike other animated primetime shows out there (like Family Guy), Bob's Burgers isn't anywhere as crass or crude. Sure you have some childish humor (mostly from Gene's fart noises because he's 11), but all in all, if you're looking for a light-hearted, funny show this is it.

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2. Every character is actually a character.

Not to keep dragging Family Guy through the mud, but unlike Meg, all of the characters serve a purpose in the show. Not only does Bob's Burgers passes the Bechtel Test, but it has created three of the most iconic female characters in modern television. Linda, Tina, and Louise all are strong women in their own ways and they're all unique. Each of these ladies has their own personality, which I find most shows struggle to do without falling into tropes.

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3. We are all Bob.

Bob's iconic catchphrase ("Oh, my God.") is all of us when our families do embarrassing things. I like to think of this catchphrase as the equivalent to that stereotypical drunk aunt reaching for the bottle of wine when family drama gets too out of hand. Despite Bob's frustrations with his family (and Linda's singing), he's an exceedingly patient with his kids and his wife, making him a good father and husband.

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4. We have also all been Tina at one point.

Tina is an awkward 13 year old just looking for her first puppy love, who's favorite things are horses, boys, and butts. We've all been in her shoes (some of us without the mild butt fascination). All of us were once 13 and crushing on someone. Bob's Burgers does a fantastic job of capturing the essence of adolescence in Tina without writing her off as another boy crazy girl. She's so much more than that. Also, the episode where Tina tries coffee for the first time is all of us coffee addicts after trying our first cup of properly made coffee.

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5. Bob and Linda actually love each other.

A lot of television shows these days focus on crumbling marriages, cheating spouses, or divorced couples. Bob and Linda, after at least 13 years of marriage, still love each other like it was day one. It's so refreshing to watch a couple actually get along (granted they have their arguments) and enjoy life with one another and their kids. Linda, at least once an episode or so, says how much she loves her family.

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6. The kids are probably the best part of the show, hands down.

One on one, each kid has a unique personality, but together they're the funniest trio in modern television. Gene is every middle child in America. Often he acts out to get attention away from Tina and Louise and onto him. Louise, the youngest, uses her "baby" status to cause mischief (even though she's always the first suspect), and Tina is often left in charge of these two. Louise usually ends up talking Tina into breaking a few rules and forces Gene to go with them (like when they explored the morgue and accidently set Bob on fire). I look forward to every new episode because I can't wait to see what these three get into next.

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7. Mort and Teddy are the best minor characters.

Mort the mortician and Teddy the contractor are Bob's number one customers and in nearly every episode. Teddy always has a story to tell and doesn't know when to stop talking. Teddy also has a tendency to read to much into things and jump to conclusions, which puts him in hilarious situations. Mort, however, is a little more level headed then Teddy. His personality is sometimes almost as awkward as Tina's because he lives alone above a crematorium. Both of these characters are hilarious bachelors who are just trying their best.

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8. Every burger pun.

Every episode, the Burger of the Day board has a new burger with a cheesy pun. Bob is extremely proud of his puns, even though Louise often tries to change them and make them better. Teddy likes to try every new burger, and when Bob ran out of ideas it caused Teddy to have a crisis. The creators of the show and a talented fan even worked together to create a Bob's Burgers burger cookbook. Personally, my favorite pun-burger is the "Baby You Can Chive My Car Burger" and I can't wait to make it myself.

Hopefully, after reading this I was able to at least piqued your interest in watching Bob's Burgers . I can't recommend this show enough. Hands down, it's my favorite show and I feel it's worth the watch.

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