Thomas Gibson who plays fictional character Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner, unit chief of the Behavioral Analysis Unit, on "Criminal Minds" recently got into a dispute with a writer and ended up supposedly kicking him. Though Thomas Gibson apologized and he even said the kick was just a tap, he ended up being suspended and eventually fired from "Criminal Minds". But Aaron Hotchner is the most crucial characters on the show, he cannot just be written out. Even though he did make a mistake, we all make mistakes and deserve second chances. Here are eight reasons Aaron Hotchner has to stay on "Criminal Minds".

1. He's an original character

To begin, he's one of the original characters! We've been with him for 11 seasons now, he's become one of the most important characters on the show we can't just forget about him. We've seen so many things happen in his life, we can't just let him go.

2. He keeps everybody in line

Who else is gonna make everybody stop goofing off and get serious? Aaron is the only one serious enough to keep everybody in line and ready to go!

3. But he also has a kind heart and cares for his team

Yeah sometimes he's a grump and can be too serious but whenever anybody is having a tough time he is there for them. He has time and time again recommended people get time off when they need it and laid his job on the line to help others out.

4. We just lost our beloved Derek

We just lost the love of our lives, Derek, they can't take away Hotch too!!

5. Jack!

We've been here for this kid since birth, we've watched him grow, I can't go on not knowing what his future is like.

6. Nobody is more dedicated to the team

The love of his life died and he was back to work in no time, he's almost been killed multiple times, and he rarely sees his son, if that's not dedication I don't know what is.

7. He's a great leader

He knows what he's doing, he's been doing this for years. Heck he became an agent because he felt being a prosecutor he was too late to save anyone, now think of all the lives he has saved!

8. We can't just say goodbye to him like this

Maybe under different circumstances, like if Thomas Gibson actually wanted to leave, we would be able to handle this better but knowing he was fired just makes this so much harder. We get it, he kicked a writer and that's a huge no no. But, he did apologize and after reading his response to it, he truly does seem sorry and this seems like one big misunderstanding.

So CBS, please don't take Hotch from us "Criminal Minds" needs him!