8 Ways We All Procrastinate, Because Finding Unique Procrastination Techniques Is Too Much Work

We’ve all done it, put off our work until the absolute last minute to do our projects and rush to get them done. Though we all procrastinate, there are all different methods of doing so. Here are some ways we all procrastinate.

1. Watching random yet funny videos on YouTube

Always a good way to kill time and put off all of your work.

2. Cleaning

Every time I need to get something done, I end up cleaning my entire apartment before I start the project that actually needs to get done.

3. Conversing with your roommates

Starting a mediocre conversation about nothing and getting really passionate about it in order to try and kill time.

4. Mess with social media on your phone or laptop

Probably the most common way to procrastinate for anybody. Looking up what everyone else is doing just makes it really easy to get distracted by what you are supposed to be doing.

5. Over-speculation of random thoughts that cross your mind

Looking back over your life and every choice you have ever made really makes time fly when you are not doing what you are supposed to be doing.

6. Taking more time than necessary to get weirdly comfortable before starting your work

You can’t get anything done until you are comfortable enough to work.

7. Getting organized

I swear that I spend more time organizing my stuff than I spend actually working.

8. Finding a lot of other things that you think need done but don’t

Other assignments, grocery shopping, putting laundry away; anything other than what you are actually supposed to be doing.

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