8 Problems People With Frizzy Hair Have
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8 Problems People With Frizzy Hair Have

The joy of having hair that is always against you.

8 Problems People With Frizzy Hair Have
Miami Bridal Beauty

There are days when my hair plays nice and I can't help but worship how good it looks naturally. These days only occur during the winter, and now that spring is coming back, I'm not prepared for the bad hair days to come. Frizzy hair is the absolute worst. So to mourn the coming of the bad hair days, let's count the everyday problems people with frizzy hair face.

1. Don't even think about wasting your time untangling it.

It's just going to get retangled the second you walk outside, solely because of a swift breeze or because you got accessories stuck in it. Don't even bother. And speaking of things not to waste your time on...

2. Just go natural if the humidity is bad.

"Anti-frizz" cream my ass. The minute the humidity goes above 75 percent, I can kiss my nice straightened hair goodbye. Why even waste your time making it look good if Mother Nature is just going to ruin it anyway?

3. Dry shampoo is your best friend.

Anti-frizz cream may work sometimes, but dry shampoo makes your frizz look shiny and wavy at least. This doesn't mean it fixes your problem entirely, but hey, it can at least make your "I woke up like dis" look relatively presentable.

4. Fly-aways can go away.

It seems like no matter what product you use or how many times you straighten your hair in an hour, the fly-aways will not disappear. From your roots to your ends, they will continue to exist and make your morning routine frustrating. But hey, if you can make them look as good as this girl does, then it's not all bad.

5. Oh, the joys of elastics.

They will get stuck in your hair. And you will break them trying to get them out of your hair. This goes back to the point above, because it's all the fault of the stupid fly-aways.

6. Straightening your hair hurts but helps.

The number one rule everyone says about frizzy hair is to avoid heat, but it helps it so much. Even though you're only supposed to straighten your hair on special occasions to help keep your hair healthy. Does every day count as a special occasion?

7. Just. Stay. Down.

You feel like Simba when your hair is frizzy, because your hair just continues to poof up and it's impossible to get your hair back down to a normal look. If you need any proof of how this is a bad thing, take a look at this photo of me from eighth grade, and feel sympathy for that poor child.

Which brings me to my next point...

8. Don't even think about cutting your hair shorter than a bob.

You may think that you can pull off a cute pixie cut, but boy do you not know the amount of maintenance that will go into that look. Your frizzy hair will quickly turn into a bowl hair cut. Take it from me. This photo is only a few months after the one above.

Ah, the curses of frizzy hair. If you understand anything in this article because it's your life from spring through fall, I'm so sorry for you. But at least you get to enjoy my self-deprecation. We all have those photos somewhere on our computers, though, because frizz is a beast no one deserves to fight. But hey, at least we're all in this together.

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