Us cat owners really do love our felines, but living with a cat or cats isn't always a game of chase, and late night cuddles. Here's my top 8 feline problems that cat owners can relate to:

1. All of your windows have little paw prints on them

Okay, it is kind of cute, but having to constantly clean the windows because they are trying to escape the warm and loving home that you made for them is not.

2. You can't sit alone anywhere ever again

Maybe 2 seconds after sitting down, 9 times out of 10 I will have a cat on my lap. ESPECIALLY whenever I am trying to do homework.

3. Your homework is their favorite spot to lay down on

I couldn't tell you why all of my 500 dollar textbooks turned into part time cat beds, but they all did at some point. But I cannot argue that those books generally put me to sleep, too.

4. Hair is everywhere, no matter how much you vacuum

I vacuum a few times a week, and I am constantly lint rolling all of my clothes, but no matter what, I could have enough hair on me to make a whole new cat.

5. Having an alarm that is always set at 5 no matter what day it is

Maybe I should be appreciative that they want me up so I can get all of my stuff done, but no one wants to get up that early on their day off. They always make sure to make it sound like a life or death situation so that they can ensure that I will get out of bed

6. Cat litter gets everywhere

I don't know how it gets in all the places that it does, and I have come to accept that I will never be ahead of the cleaning

7. Everything is a game

Both of my cats are running around if they are awake, and trying to get their paws on everything they can. Especially my shoes when I am trying to put them on!

8. Cat toys somehow end up in all of your bags and shoes

For whatever reason, I am constantly finding toy mice in my gym bags. Is it their way of telling me to skip the gym and give them my undivided attention?