8 Outfits For Your Valentine's Day Plans

8 Outfits For Your Valentine's Day Plans

Your last-minute guide to finding the perfect Valentine's Day outfit that will make your S.O. feel like the luckiest in the world.


Roses are red, violets are blue... we want you to look fabulous for your date with boo!

Happy February aka the month of love.

January went by in the blink of an eye and whether you like it or not, Valentine's Day is basically here. This holiday is one that a lot of people dread to face, but in the end, you can make your day special whether you are single or not.

Valentine's Day is how you make it... So, let's make it a fabulous one (outfit and all)!

Whether you're going to a romantic dinner with your recently new boyfriend, or you are getting all the single girls together for a G.N.O, here are 8 fashionable outfits depending on your Valentine's Day plans.

Outfit #1: A Romantic Dinner

Black Velvet Wrap Dress | $89.00

Red Lipstick | $32.00

Black Crossbody Bag | $148.00

Red Soph Sandal | $79.95

Outfit #2: Dinner & A Movie Date

Mock Neck Sweater | $69.99

Black Heeled Bootie | $44.98

Distressed Skinny Jeans | $45.00

Black Tassel Earrings | $38.00

Vintage Pink Studded Crossbody Bag | $95.00

Outfit #3: Casual Day Date

Dark Coffee V-Neck Tee | $19.50

Leopard Loafers | $89.95

Black Leggings | 36.00

Denim Jacket | $98.00

Black Crossbody Bag | $59.95

Outfit #6: Your S.O. Surprised You With Concert Tickets!

Chocolate Backless Ally Dress | $89.00

Denim Jacket | $54.00

Silver Metallic Crossbody Bag | $99.00

Halogen Silver Classic Thin Hoop Earring | $29.00

Black Studded Bootie | $139.95

But, in the end, no matter what you wear, just know, you are going to look absolutely flawless! Spread love, everyone. Happy Valentine's Day!

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