It's college winter break and you're home for about a month. Maybe you're working or maybe you're just hanging out — at some point, you're probably going to get a little bored. It's great to be home because you can catch up on your favorite shows and even binge watch some new ones.

1. She's Gotta Have It

I just started watching this and it's such a good one. The main character is so powerful and unapologetic and it is great.

2. Friends From College

Basically, this is a show about a college friend group 20 years. I feel like it's a different approach to the whole romantic comedy TV shows.

3. Easy

This show is kind of weird because there isn't a plot throughout the season, but in small ways, all the characters are connected. Also, the show feelings relatable because the characters are pretty average people with money struggles and relationship issues.

4.Gossip Girl

I was never into this show when a lot of people were watching it on Netflix, but this is a staple on any watch list.

5. Californication

I watched this a while ago and it's such an interesting story. There are a lot of seasons and some are better than others, but it's always funny.

6. Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce

Moms in LA with a lot of drama, what more could you want?

7. Scandal

8. How To Get Away With Murder

This show an interesting show and Viola Davis is the best.

I love a good break from school, so grab a pillow and your laptop and get watching.