Movies are made to have attracting titles, but often times it isn't true to what you see in the movies. Here's a few movies where what happens in the movie isn't true to the title.

1. "Pacific Rim"- Power Rangers vs Godzilla

Don't get me wrong, this was a great movie and the second one was even better, but it really was like the old power ranger shows where one enemy was defeated just to make way for a larger one.

2. "The Matrix"- Motion Blur

Also one of my favorite series, these movies contain tons of fight scenes. And while they are supposed to be in a computer world where "anything is possible if they can imagine it," that doesn't excuse the amount of times it decided to take out actual movement in favor of some poorly animated fight scenes.

3. "Marvel Movies"- Zero Tension

This one may get me attacked because of how well the last Marvel movie did but hear me out. All throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there are scenes that would have loads of tension and make you question: "Oh no what's going to happen to our hero?" "Is this villain finally going to overpower our favorite super team?" These scenes would be amazing but Marvel does something that takes all of that suspense away. There have been many times where this could be suspenseful, at least for this movie, however Marvel makes a huge mistake in this; one that everyone actually loves. They release the dates for their next movies way too early. Many people love that they do that, they know when they get to see their favorite heroes on the big screen again. But this takes away from other movies, obviously nothing is going to happen to Captain America or Iron Man when Marvel has already announced the next movies involving them. I go into the theater knowing everything is going to be fine, it'd be a nice change of pace to have that suspense at least for the movie. I do love the Marvel movies, I had bought my tickets for Infinity War two weeks before it came out because I was so exited, but this is just one thing I think Marvel does wrong.

4. "The Lucky One"- Walking with Zac Efron

No seriously, that's all he does. I couldn't find a gif of it, but he walked from California to, I think, Arizona and most scenes are him either starting, being in the middle of, or coming back from, long walks. Zac Efron must have calves of steel after filming this movie.

5. "Star Wars Prequels"- The Angst is Strong with this One

The star wars prequels were good but I think this is the main thing many people took away as a joke from the entire trilogy. Yes Anakin went through some tough times, but in the end he essentially becomes Darth Vader because the Council wouldn't give him what he wanted. So instead he decides it's best to brood and throw a tantrum like a child.

6. "Toy Story 3"- Hurts the Heart

This movie decided to end with one of the saddest scenes in cinematic history, in my opinion. After three movies of someone getting separated and trying to get back to Andy, they end up being donated to a little girl because Andy went off to college.

7. "Moana"- Disney Calls Itself Out on its own Shenanigans

Throughout the movie, there are several times where Maui stops a typical Disney moment for some sarcastic humor.

8. "The Jungle Book"- Is this a Horror Version of the Lion King?

This movie is really good, the CGI is great, the characters are great, everything is great. However, there are A LOT of jump scares for supposedly a kid's movie. And they make the jump scared very loud. They also steal a very iconic scene from the Lion King. When Simba is in the gorge running from the wildebeest, Mowgli does the Exact same thing in this movie.