Upcoming writer and artist, Mari Andrews, often posts pictures of her artwork on Instagram. These pictures that I have stumbled upon are moving and truly the definition of the phrase, “a picture is worth a thousand words." The following photographs that I have selected from her page are the ones that I think best represent various stages of a person’s life, (i.e. grief, heartbreak, phases of life, success). Along with each picture, I’ve captioned what comes first to mind.

All things come to an end: the good and the bad.

Note to self: find/keep friends like these for a lifetime.

Can’t see stars without a dark sky. All stars have to be the in the darkness for a while. It is a part of life.

Success is hard.

Grief never leaves you: only the baggage gets lighter.

There are multiple ways to grow.

Confidence has many layers.

Just too relatable.