8 Life Lessons The Vampire Diaries Taught Me
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8 Life Lessons The Vampire Diaries Taught Me

Saying Goodbye to a Show I've Loved for Eight Years...

8 Life Lessons The Vampire Diaries Taught Me

With the final season of The Vampire Diaries currently airing on the CW, and the cast has officially wrapped on filming, it got me thinking about how much I have taken away from this series. TVD has been one of my favorite shows since the very beginning.

With it's ending vastly approaching I have been reminiscing on why I love it so much because even though many people think it's just cheesy show, it actually has an amazing story line and so many life lessons that you learn along the way.

Life Lessons you learn while watching The Vampire Diaries.

1. You Deserve to be Loved Greatly

There are many great relationships on this show. Damon and Elena. Stefan and Caroline. Bonnie and Enzo. No matter who your favorite couple is, I think we can all agree that they are loved so much by their significant other, and the on screen chemistry between ALL of them seems so real and wonderful. They've literally gone to the ends of the Earth for the people they love and I think everyone deserves to be loved like the characters in this show love each other.

2. Live Life to the Absolute Fullest

Despite all of the heartache and despair, doppelgängers, witches, sirens and other mystical craziness, the show focuses viewers' attention on the sometimes small, but more magical moments of life and it really emphasizes that life is short and we shouldn't waste any time not doing what we love.

3. Family Is Everything

The Original family.... Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah show us that family is always and forever. They've been through it all over the course of a century together and while they have their inner battles and struggles, they're willing to drop everything to protect each other, even after hundreds of years of backstabbing and betrayal.

Sidenote: If you have not already started watching The Originals, a spinoff from TVD, START NOW!!! The new season airs on March 17th on The CW.

4. Death is Tragic but a Necessary Evil

Once Elena lost Jeremy, her brother, after losing her parents and her aunt, this repetitive cycle of death and life became more serious and more concentrated on not only the effects of losing someone, but how losing someone can change the path of someone's life. Many of the characters in this show lose someone super important and close to them, and I think 'The Vampire Diaries' does a great job on showing how to truly cope with so much loss in a person's life and how much it can truly break a person, but at the same time make you stronger.

5. There is Nothing More Important Than Friendships

Not only are the main lines of friendship established early on in the show, but we see them beautifully evolve throughout eight years. Elena is one of the main characters that experiences a lot of tragedy throughout the entire show and without the help of her friends and them always by her side, none of it would have been easy to go through all alone.

6. Everyone Has a Dark Side

This one is kind of self-explanatory, everyone can be a little selfish at times and have a dark side, some more than others. And one of the main characters who consistently bounces back from their inner darkness is Damon Salvatore. Something we could learn from him.

7. Sometimes the Only Person You Can Trust is Yourself

This show while it is mainly centered on love, family, and friendship, there is some betrayal every now and then. Which reminds you that while you may be surrounded by people who love you, you should always remember the only person at the end of the day that will always have your back is you.

8. People Can Change

I always go back and forth between this saying... "People Never Change" OR "People Can Change"... And I truly believe after watching this show, even though the characters are 'fictional' they truly change for better and for worse and go through so many inner struggles, but at the end of the day they overcome their inner demons for the better.

Just look at Damon Salvatore, he has one of the most tortured pasts and he's changed for the better all because of the girl he loves, Elena Gilbert.

Who I can't wait to see return for the end of this final season!!

I'll miss The Vampire Diaries, it's been an amazing eight years and I can't wait to see how this show is going to end.

The Series Finale is airing on March 10th on the CW, don't miss it!

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