A few weeks ago, I decided to reread some of the poems from Shel Silverstein. He was my favorite author as a child because his pictures were always weird, and his writing made sense to me. It wasn't until now that I realized a lot of things I learned over the years came from these wacky poems. So, I thought I'd share a few of them.

1. Don't Tell Me

This poem is the equivalent to the Golden Rule, something we all heard but I don't think ever really understood when we acted. When I reread it though, it reminded me of my niece, and I realized that she wouldn't just listen to a command, she had to be shown that command. I think all children need that from the people they look up to.

2. Zebra Question

It seems like a pretty silly poem in the first and last two/three lines, but this poem taught me a lot about myself. The part, "Are you happy with some sad days? Or are you sad with some happy days?" really just got me thinking about how I wanted to be able to define my life.

3. The Oak and The Rose

The Oak and The Rose taught me to not let others stop me from being successful simply because their success hasn't begun yet. The rose is upset that the tree no longer, "has time for flower talk," but the oak's response is something I repeat to myself when someone tries to get me down, "It's no so much that I've grown, it's just you've stayed so small." *mic drop*.

4. Masks

UGH my heart. This poem teaches people to never hide your flaws because someone out there might just be searching for someone exactly like you, and they'll never know it if you don't show it. (That rhymed, I must be a poet.)

5. Put Something

Put Something reminded me that weirdness and silliness are okay. They're what keep the innocent parts of us alive.

6. How Many, How Much

Those last two lines just move mountains inside of me now that I can fully understand the meaning behind them.

7. The Voice

This combined with Mulan are what I think helped me figure out that I need to listen to myself when there is a conflict. I can't depend on others to make my choices.

8. Happy Ending?

I've saved this one for last because it literally picks me up and then slams me back against the ground, in four short lines!! Have you ever read something so eye-opening to life???

So there you have it, probably my eight most favorite poems from the poetic genius Shel Silverstein. These poems will forever have relevance in my life. What about you, do you have any poems that shake you to your core with emotion? Share them with me!