8 Lessons From 1 Day Alone in NYC
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8 Lessons From 1 Day Alone in NYC

Because catching the vibes of New York City doesn't take long.

8 Lessons From 1 Day Alone in NYC
Shay Patterson

I have dreamed of experiencing Christmastime in New York City ever since I saw the Disney movie “Double Teamed” about the blonde, basketball-playing twins (anyone?). This year, that dream became a reality. I got to visit and stay with my friend who works at Sports Illustrated doing production work. Yes, her life is as cool as it sounds. The first full day I was in the Big Apple, she had to work, leaving me and the city to get acquainted. Going into it, I was a little uneasy, not gonna lie. Come to find out, taking on NYC alone is quite an empowering experience. At the end of the day, I had acquired some cool pictures, a new sense of capability, and these eight lessons.

1. “Taking the L.” means something very different in NYC. The L is a subway, not an expression for when you fail at something.

2. The subways aren’t as intimidating as they seem. Google Maps is your best friend. It tells you how far to walk to a subway station, which one to take, then how to get to your destination. Once you get the hang of them you will feel unstoppable, believe me.

3. Pretend that your body is a car and the streets are highways. Don’t stop suddenly, check your blind spot when changing lanes, and know the speed limit.

4. Always apologize if you bump into someone, even if it’s not your fault. New Yorkers don’t mess around; better to err on the side of caution.

5. There is no shame in asking for directions. “Ask and you shall receive.”

6. Überpool is the way to go if you need to get a car. It’s Über’s version of carpooling, and since you’re sharing the ride, the fare is cheaper.

7. Comfortable>>>cute when it comes to footwear. I promise that arch support is worth the sacrifice of being fashionable. Nobody is looking at your feet anyway.

8. I make way too much eye contact with people to live in this city. Including Bobby Moynihan and Collin Jost of SNL. That’s just me though.

You could be in NYC for weeks and still not get to every tourist attraction. If you’ve never been, you must go! If you have, you know you want to go again.

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