8 Indie Shops that Double as Non-Profits
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8 Indie Shops that Double as Non-Profits

Don't feel guilty for shopping at these stores.

8 Indie Shops that Double as Non-Profits

You shouldn't feel guilty after shopping at these stores!

As we grow up, we tend to take certain things for granted, such as food and education and shopping. Especially shopping. But once you reach a certain age, you begin to feel bad for spending your paycheck at Sephora or Chipotle. I call this "buyer's remorse". But there are certain people who do not have this privilege. There are people around the world who worry about their next meal, or about their children being wrongfully taken from them. Feel guilty yet? Well, don't worry!

A bunch of entrepreneurs and world-conscious human beings felt the same way as we do. But they decided to do something about it. Below is a list of cool and trendy shops where proceeds go to non-profits. This should ease your buyer's remorse a little bit. But only a little.

1. Rebel Nell.

This jewelry company hires "disadvantaged women in Detroit...to empower them to successfully transition to an independent life" (Rebelnell.com). The company offers women the chance to grow and become self sufficient. The necklaces are made by these women, using local materials, such as graffiti chips from local graffiti sites.

This beautiful pendant necklaces retails for $60.

2. Society6.

Now this online store is a little more mainstream, but none the less deserves a spotlight. I am obsessed with this store. The site is an art gallery for up and coming artists to display their work. The buyer can either buy the work as a standalone print, or on a t shirt or phone case. You can decorate your entire house in cool artwork.

This colorful 51 x 60 wall tapestry retails for $39.

3. Ivory Ella.

You have probably seen Ivory Ella's Twitter campaigns and partnerships with those "relatable" accounts. But this company is legit. The store donates 10% of their proceeds to an organization called Save the Elephants, a leading organization in the saving of African elephants. Ivory Ella is trying to combat the selling and trading of ivory, found in elephant trunks, leading to elephant poaching.

This cute fitted long sleeve top retails for $32.

4. The Parative Project.

The Parative Project claims to "design products bringing opportunities for freedom and moving others to take action" (theparativeproject.com). The apparel is made by companies who are advocates of fair wages and stability. Pretty much the designs are a reminder that humans can do so much better than what we are doing right now- a really cool and raw message that we need to hear.

This rad black graphic tee retails for $30.

5. Liberated People.

Similar to the previous company, this lifestyle brand is all about inspiring a movement. Founded by actor Gbenga Akinnagbe, the brand "highlights the liberation dates of nation states around the world" (weareliberated.com). The company is a huge advocate for the global citizen. Plus, the shirts are locally made, in factories found in Georgia and California. The ink is eco-friendly too. Double win.

This moving graphic tee retails for $39.99.

6. Half United.

Half United is all about ending global hunger. With every purchase, the buyer is able to donate 7 meals to a child in need. This adds something personal to the whole buying venture. According to their website, customers "have provided over 600,000 meals for children in need in the USA, Fiji, Cambodia, Liberia, Nepal and Haiti." This company really emphasizes on the fact that the buyer is united with the child in need by personally paying for their meals.

This colorful friendship bracelet retails for $12.

7. Out of Print.

Out Of Print is a clothing brand that advocates the power of reading! They help to fund literacy programs in struggling communities. Also they "support the authors, publishers and artists who made these iconic works an integral part of our lives" (outofprint.com) Now it will be impossible to forget what your favorite book is when your date asks!

This artsy Shakespeare-inspired tee retails for $28.

8. Sevenly.

Recognized as a leading social good company, Sevenly performs "monthly, weekly, and even daily campaigns that change lives and bring awareness and funding to the world's greatest causes" (sevenly.org) This organization is always a busy one, where it offers seven causes to contribute to! How awesome is that?! And 7% of the purchase goes to a certain foundation that is linked to help that epic cause you are supporting.

This simple blue graphic tee, supporting autism, retails for $25.99.

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