8 Foods I Would Die For

I love food. I mean, who doesn't? I'm the kind of person that looks forward to eating breakfast right after I've had dinner. I especially love crappy food that isn't good for you. Here are 8 foods that I would *literally* die for.

1. Cheesy Bread from Dominos

One of my roommates Bela made me try Cheesy Bread last year to much of my hesitation and it changed my life. I have never wanted to cry from eating food before and I think my soul went to heaven for a little while.

2. Cinnabon Delights from Taco Bell

I thought I knew heaven when I tried cheesy bread, but then I tried Cinnabon Delights. It is the most unbelievable food you will ever eat.

3. Half Baked from Ben and Jerry's

Half Baked is my all time favorite ice cream. There is absolutely nothing better than brownie and cookie dough chunks. Ugh, yum.

4. Pasta

Literally any kind of pasta. I would die for any type of pasta, any pasta dish, you name it. I'm a carb girl.

5. Pepsi

I am such a soda lover and it is so bad. You can imagine the day I realized that one can of soda is basically an entire day's worth of calories. It was a sad day.

6. Cape Cod Salt and Vinegar Chips

I think this one can explain itself.

7. Frank's Red Hot

I put Franks on everything and anything. My freshman year roommate and I would put it on our popcorn and my bedding was literally spotted orange by the end of the year from it.

8. Grapes

Anyone who knows me knows that grapes are my everything. You need me somewhere? Bring grapes. I'll be there in a second.

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