8 Fall Friend Dates

We are smack dab in the middle of the perfect date season! What better way to enjoy fall than with friends. Friend dates are the best way to unwind from worldly stress. Enjoy the season with those who are as crazy and weird as you with these eight friend dates!

1) The fair

Fairs are quite popular during fall and are not only for children. Go ahead ride the merry-go-around, eat that fried dough, play games (even if you know it's rigged), and scream on the swinging ship.

2) Canoeing/ or kayaking on a lake.

Being in a canoe or kayak on a lake with your bestie is one of the most peaceful things ever. You guys will learn to become in sync with one another because paddling is all about synchronization.

For fear of water-logging a mobile phone there is no technology to interrupt conversation or nature. Conversations without technology brings friendships closer. Or, sit in silence and enjoy the music that nature offers.

3) Have fun with photography.

Weather is perfect around this time for a photo shoot to commemorate your friendship. Plan a trip to a location where only one of you has visited. This way you'll get to learn different aspects of the location while introducing your friend to a new place.

4) Camping!

Don't let summer fool you into thinking it's the perfect camping season. Fall doesn't have has many misquotes or the humidity that summer brings. So, enjoy a weekend with your squad around a campfire where s'mores are a staple.

5) Bake pumpkin spice treats.

Mmm pumpkin spice, the wonderful aroma of fall! Grab a friend for a fun night in baking batches of pumpkin spice yumminess. Baking has a way of bringing bunches of laughter mixed with a little bit of food fight fun.

6) Take a random road trip.

Leaves turning a magnificent array of sunset colors are

enough reason to road trip into the mountains. Pack a picnic and eat at a rest stop that has

some amazing views or enjoy small town charm at a random exit. Find some landmarks along your trip where you guys can explore and discover new things together!

7) Go to a pumpkin patch.

Pumpkins are essential decorations of the season! Going to a pumpkin patch allows you to pick from a variety of shapes and sizes. Plus, there is fun to be had snipping vines and maneuvering a wheelbarrow through pathways.

Then the date continues by taking your finds home to carve or paint. While the decorating is taking place bake the seeds for a healthy snack paired with hot apple cider!

8) Last but not least, coffee!

Coffee is the easiest friend date! Grab a cup and find someplace else to sit and chat, or stay in the coffee shop. There is something about being surrounded by the aroma of coffee, sitting in comfy seats, and listening to the music that puts you in a happy place. Some coffee cafes have board games if you're not afraid to ask around. Coffee brings smiles, friendship, and happiness!

Go ahead grab your besties and enjoy the fall season! We only live once and friends are an important part of life. It's the small things in life that stand out the most!

"Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns."
~ George Eliot

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