8 UK Things You'll Miss From Study Abroad
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8 UK Things You'll Miss From Study Abroad

There's more than just tea and scones.

8 UK Things You'll Miss From Study Abroad

Last week, I wrote an article discussing the 8 American Things You Miss While Studying Abroad. Now, with only a few short weeks left, I've also been thinking about all the things from the UK, especially from London. The culture is so different than that of America, so there are definitely things here that I won't find back home. Here are just a few of my favorite London things that I will miss dearly:

1. Pub Crawls

Why aren't these a thing in the US? You pay a flat rate (usually like 10 pounds) to join a group, get into 5 clubs/pubs/bars for free, with a free shot at each place. Everyone in London LOVES these, and you always make so many new friends on them (not to mention the $$ you are saving).

2. Chips

Chips. Fries. Whatever. England definitely does them best! They are always thick-cut, crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside, fried yellow goodness. More often than not, they also have spices like rosemary.

3. Tesco

It's actually insane how cheap the groceries here are. My whole time here, I haven't spent over 50 pounds on a grocery haul, whereas at home, I'm lucky if it's under $50.

4. The ability to travel

The distance from London to Paris is the same as the distance from Boston to New York City. You can just hop on a train and you'll be in an entirely new country in a matter of hours.

5. Nando's

Oh my God, Nando's. This chicken chain is the best place It comes in all sorts--just plain roasted, in sandwiches, salads, and with the best and spiciest sauces. Not to mention, the creamy mash. No more words needed.

6. Public Transportation

The London transit is so nice and easy to navigate. Anywhere you are, you'll be able to hop on one of those famous double-decker buses or on the tube (which is MUCH cleaner than the subway). Plus, the tube always has like ten maps explaining exactly where you'll be going.

7. The Party Culture

People start their nights at 9 or 10pm, and are most often back home before 2am. In the States, no one even steps out their door until midnight, at the EARLIEST. I really love this whole "getting 8 hours of sleep" thing.

8. Pure British Politeness

Let's be real, you're not guaranteed politeness in America, especially not in NYC. Where else is there constantly cups of teas being offered to strangers?

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