The holidays are a great time to reminisce about when we were kids. Nothing was more exciting than the idea of snow coming, towns turning into little winter wonderlands, and the prospect of the jolly man in red coming down the chimney to deliver presents. They were a time associated with ideas of endless fun and plentiful traditions that had possibly been passed down through the generations.

But as we have grown up, some of those traditions may have lost their luster or we possibly just don't have time for them anymore in our busy schedules. No matter the reason, here are some holiday traditions I believe should never die out as we grow up.

1. Decorating Gingerbread Houses

I decorated my first gingerbread house at the age of five and have not had many years since where the tradition has been neglected. It is a great way to get the family together for a moment or just let the creative juices flow. I can say from experience and as a viewer, gingerbread house decorating can be a serious thing. Whether it be the pre-made houses you can buy from a general store or your own self-constructed creation, this tradition is fun for everyone, and they always add a little bit extra holiday flare to the room when they are completed!

2. Decorating Christmas Cookies

Decorate cutout cookies. Decorate gingerbread men. Decorate spritz cookies. Just get baking and then get creative. This is something anyone of any age can get involved with and it's always fun to see everyone's different styles of cookie decorating.

3. Building Snowmen

It's always refreshing to see an actual snowman on my campus and not just the plastic ones the school sets up. Since the first snowfall usually happens around final exams, it's a reminder that even though we are training to be businessmen/women, engineers, teachers, et cetera we can still find time to go out and participate in the age old tradition of building a snowman. And it will never get old.

4. Reindeer Food

My family did this more when my brother and I were in middle school, but I know families that continue to do this to this day. I admire it, really. Put some oats and/or Cheerio's and glitter in a bag, and then toss it outside to attract Santa's reindeer. It's cute and it keeps the spirit of Christmas that we had as children alive among the stresses of the holidays. And it will be a great tradition to pass along to your kids one day as well.

5. Baking

I know the whole cookie thing was already addressed, but there are so many other options for the holidays! There's pies, tarts, cakes, cake pops, brownies... the options are really endless. And there are so many ways to add a fun holiday flare to whatever it is you make. So get the friends or family (or both!) together and get baking!

6. Decorating The House

Whether it be simple or way over the top like some of the houses in my hometown, it's always nice to see everything transform into a winter wonderland. Personally, my favorite day of the year is the day after Thanksgiving when my dad and little brother go up into the attic and retrieve those twenty-year-old boxes filled with Christmas cheer. This is a tradition that ensures the whole family is home and that we aren't going anywhere until every last ornament is hung on the tree.

7. Looking At Christmas Lights

Every year, my town newspaper (yes, they still actually print those) prints a list of the best decorated houses in the area, and every year my family hops in the car and finds them. And let me say, some of the suggestions on the list are really amazingly decorated. There are some that even get unlisted radio stations to play music that go along with their house light show. Besides, there's something somewhat entertaining about seeing what other people have done to spruce up their home for the holidays.

8. Spending Time With Family

As we grow up, life gets a lot busier. But that should never stop us from remembering that the holidays are actually not about who gets the best deal at Macy's. Nope - they are all about spending time with our loved ones and making sure that no matter how little time we seem to have, we should always devote some of it to those who have always been there for us.


Photos by Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce,,,, and my fam