72 Things To Be Thankful For Today
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72 Things To Be Thankful For Today

Count your blessings, literally.

72 Things To Be Thankful For Today
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Take a look around. You have an insane amount of things to be grateful for on any given day. Here is a short list of some of them in no particular order, but I encourage you to think of your own, especially when you catch yourself starting to take these undeserved blessings for granted.

1. Internet at your fingertips

2. Bad days, otherwise how would you know what a good day was?

3. Easily accessible food

4. Air conditioning

5. Medicine

6. The fact that you can see pictures of the most breathtaking places on earth, even if you cannot yet travel there

7. The ability to quickly communicate with each other in multiple ways

8. Functioning showers

9. Friends that are super different than you

10. The opportunity to get an education

11. Your alarm clock

12. Chick-fil-A

13. Roommates (the wonderful and the awful)

14. Transportation

15. Freedom of speech

16. Tears; they are cathartic and speak when words don't suffice

17. Southern hospitality

18. The fact that there is always something new to be learned

19. Filtered water

20. Handwriting and its uniqueness

21. Law enforcement

22. The ability to vote

23. Toilet paper

24. Bluebonnets (@Texascitizens)

25. The kindness of strangers

26. The fact that you have enough downtime to be reading this article right now

27. Brunch, gotta love it

28. Leaves changing in the fall and the sides of interstate lined with flowers in the spring

29. Religious freedom

30. Skype and Facetime

31. Dishwashers

32. The ability to more or less control elements of your appearance (make-up, hair dye, exercise)

33. Music

34. The military

35. Online shopping

36. Your passion, whatever that may be

37. Stop lights

38. Deodorant

39. Forgiveness, giving and receiving

40. The fact that you don't have to churn your own butter

41. Your bed

42. Plants that take in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen

43. Dog videos

44. Indoor plumbing

45. Globalization and how it can effect world change

46. Washers/dryers

47. High camera quality

48. The fact that there is almost always a word to describe how you are feeling, even if you have to borrow it from a foreign language

49. Life hacks that make tasks just a little bit easier

50. Your go-to beverage (coffee, sweet tea, etc.)

51. Doubt that makes you engage more deeply with what you believe

52. Pretty flowers

53. Spotify

54. All of the DIY projects made possible by Pinterest

55. Unprecedented cultural diversity in a single country

56. Nostalgic smells

57. Extracurricular opportunities

58. Good hair days

59. Stained glass windows

60. The times that someone has seen something in you that you didn't see in yourself

61. Your health

62. RetailMeNot

63. The fact that you have the resources to learn how our country came to be

64. Freedom of the press

65. Instagram filters

66. The accessibility of God's word

67. Sunsets

68. The 23,768 Starbucks stores in existence

69. Toothpaste

70. Anything free

71. The fact that you woke up this morning.

72. God's consistency and omnipresence. Even if all of the things on this list were to vanish, God wouldn't.

This life is good, do yourself a favor and don't forget that.

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