What This 700 Pound Model's Example Proved To Any 20-Something-Year-Old

What This 700 Pound Model's Example Proved To Any 20-Something-Year-Old

She says, "This is my life, and it's the way I want to live it."

On Barcroft TV's show entitled "Hooked On The Look", people across the world are featured describing their addictions to their public image and showcasing what they do to maintain their look. The show ranges from men and women addicted to getting tattoos, waist training, botoxing, and working out.

Facebook featured a video of one woman in particular from the show who weighs 700 pounds. 27 year old Monica Riley is from Fort Worth, Texas. At 91 inches round, she needs help rolling over when she feels full. Monica eats anywhere from 6000-8000 calories in one day.

To help achieve this, her boyfriend Sidney makes her weight gain shakes that consist of ice cream, milk, heavy cream, and two strawberry Pop Tarts. Sid helps her eat and encourages her in her dreams to get even bigger. He later comes back to say, "I am worried about her health, but, you know, ultimately it's her body, her choice. Not mine."

Monica feels sexy as a fat woman, and she says her ultimate goal is to reach 1000 pounds. She says she is "turned on" by the feeling of her obese midsection, and can be satisfied simply when Sid touches her belly.

Monica isn't the only one who enjoys this. She has a large (if you'll pardon the pun) following on YouTube, and she can earn up to $600 for doing a photo shoot in lingerie surrounded by junk food.

Before she was with Sidney, however, she needed help with these shoots. This is where her 15 year old step brother, Joseph, came in.

He says after some getting used to, it began to feel normal.

Monica's mother is mostly unaware of her obsession before the episode, and uses it to reveal her true ambitions. Her mother, as we would hope, is shocked, worried, saddened, and disgusted by her actions.

Monica tells the show that her ex-boyfriend encouraged her to lose so much weight that she almost qualified for a weight loss surgery, but she hated the way it made her feel.

The good news is, since she and Sid are thinking about kids, she is considering the weight loss for that purpose. She says that she miscarried both times she got pregnant, so if they decide to try again, she would start eating healthier.

Monica ends the show by assuring us, "This is my life, and it's the way I want to live it." Isn't that what we all want for ourselves?

Cover Image Credit: Pulse.ng

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I Weigh Over 200 Lbs And You Can Catch Me In A Bikini This Summer

There is no magic number that determines who can wear a bikini and who cannot.

It is about February every year when I realize that bikini season is approaching. I know a lot of people who feel this way, too. In pursuit of the perfect "summer body," more meals are prepped and more time is spent in the gym. Obviously, making healthier choices is a good thing! But here is a reminder that you do not have to have a flat stomach and abs to rock a bikini.

Since my first semester of college, I've weighed over 200 pounds. Sometimes way more, sometimes only a few pounds more, but I have not seen a weight starting with the number "1" since the beginning of my freshman year of college.

My weight has fluctuated, my health has fluctuated, and unfortunately, my confidence has fluctuated. But no matter what, I haven't allowed myself to give up wearing the things I want to wear to please the eyes of society. And you shouldn't, either.

I weigh over 200lbs in both of these photos. To me, (and probably to you), one photo looks better than the other one. But what remains the same is, regardless, I still chose to wear the bathing suit that made me feel beautiful, and I'm still smiling in both photos. Nobody has the right to tell you what you can and can't wear because of the way you look.

There is no magic number that equates to health. In the second photo (and the cover photo), I still weigh over 200 lbs. But I hit the gym daily, ate all around healthier and noticed differences not only on the scale but in my mood, my heart health, my skin and so many other areas. You are not unhealthy because you weigh over 200 lbs and you are not healthy because you weigh 125. And, you are not confined to certain clothing items because of it, either.

This summer, after gaining quite a bit of weight back during the second semester of my senior year, I look somewhere between those two photos. I am disappointed in myself, but ultimately still love my body and I'm proud of the motivation I have to get to where I want to be while having the confidence to still love myself where I am.

And if you think just because I look a little chubby that I won't be rocking a bikini this summer, you're out of your mind.

If YOU feel confident, and if YOU feel beautiful, don't mind what anybody else says. Rock that bikini and feel amazing doing it.

Cover Image Credit: Sara Petty

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I'm Motivated, But I Still Get Off Track Sometimes And That's OK

Every failure turns into a success.

Whether you're working out and getting that body you've always wanted, trying to find a job, etc, staying motivated can be difficult.

Finding our motivation doesn't mean automatic success. We have these goals in our head but suddenly we lose interest in trying. It's like those negatives override the positives and it's hard to pull ourselves out of it.

You want to be fit but you just can't get yourself to the gym. You make excuses that you're tired, you don't feel good, or that you have nobody to go with. You want to find a job, but you can't because your resume isn't good enough. It's too much work, or you're just scared.

The struggle to stay motivated is something we all deal with, but I find that with the right people and with the right frame of mind, you can do it. If you really want something, you will go for it. It's OK to lose that motivation and to have feelings of giving up, but just remember to pick yourself back up again and keep going.

I become motivated in different ways. I have been reading this book called, "101 Secrets For Your Twenties" by Paul Angone and it's so relatable. It has actually inspired me to not give up and to know that other people are going through their ups and downs in their 20s just like I am. Some of the chapters are so spot on and specific that I think he's writing about me. If the author has gone through these things and has become successful, then I can do the same.

I look back at my accomplishments and what it took to get to where I am today and I'm so grateful. I use that as my motivation and whenever I get a little off track, I remind myself of where I am now, how I got here, and who I am as a person.

I'm a go-getter and I've always been the type of person to try and achieve anything my heart is set on. I wanted to go to FGCU and I did. I wanted to graduate and I did. I wanted to write a book and I did.

Those little voices that tell you "No, you can't do it" are lying.

Take those ugly words and turn them into something great.

Cover Image Credit: Unsplash-evestyle

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