​70 Movies And TV Shows To Binge With Your Mom on Mother's Day
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​70 Movies And TV Shows To Binge With Your Mom on Mother's Day

Spend your weekend watching strong motherly figures in these amazing movies and television shows.

​70 Movies And TV Shows To Binge With Your Mom on Mother's Day
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As a young child, do you remember running up to your mother, with tears streaming down your face, after falling and scraping your leg? Of course, she enveloped you in a hug and made the pain dissipate immediately. Coming home from school after a challenging day, did you curl up into your mother's arms — consequently feeling invincible for the first time that day? Throughout our lives, motherly figures have helped us grow into who we are meant to be. Most people are lucky enough to have a strong motherly figure (i.e. a mother, aunt, grandmother, godmother) in their lives, helping to guide them and love them. In honor of Mother's Day, watch some television shows and movies with strong motherly figures and bonds.

First of all, here are 35 movies that are filled with happy moments.

1. The Secret Life of Bees

2. The Blind Side

3. Matilda

4. Freaky Friday

5. The Parent Trap

6. Mamma Mia!

7. Akeelah and the Bee

8. Life As We Know It

9. Monster-In-Law

10. The Incredibles & Incredibles 2

11. Mrs. Doubtfire

12. Blended

13. Mother's Day

14. Dumplin'

15. Yes Day

16. Wonder

17. Gravity

18. The Princess Diaries

19. Little Women

20. The Help

21. Bad Moms

22. The Age of Adeline

23. Julie & Julia

24. Brave

25. Lady Bird

26. Miracles from Heaven

27. Breakthrough

28. The Sound of Music

29. Tarzan

30. Bambi

31. Lilo & Stitch

32. National Lampoon's Vacation

33. The Greatest Showman

34. Mine, Yours & Ours

35. Waterboy

Maybe you aren't in the mood to watch a movie. If that's the case, maybe you'd prefer television shows. So, are you looking for television shows with strong motherly characters? Here is a list of 35 television shows worthy of binge watching with your family.

1. Gilmore Girls

2. The Middle

3. One Day at a Time

4. Reba

5. The Golden Girls

6. Melissa and Joey

7. The Fosters

8. The Goldbergs

9. Switched at Birth

10. Once Upon a Time

11. Home Improvement

12. Sister, Sister

13. Everybody Loves Raymond

14. Jane the Virgin

15. Roseanne

16. I Love Lucy

17. Leave It to Beaver

18. The Brady Bunch

19. Mom

20. Bewitched

21. Last Man Standing

22. Modern Family

23. Hart of Dixie

24. Fuller House

25. Dead to Me

26. Alexa and Katie

27. Young Sheldon

28. George Lopez

29. 9-1-1

30. American Housewife

31. Fresh Off the Boat

32. Outmatched

33. Sabrina the Teenage Witch

34. The Suite Life of Zach & Cody

35. Stranger Things

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