7 Practical Ways To Revamp Your New Year's Resolution
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7 Practical Ways To Revamp Your New Year's Resolution

Hitting a wall with your 2017 “New Year, new you” mentality? Here are 7 ways to revamp those resolutions!

7 Practical Ways To Revamp Your New Year's Resolution
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So you’re a month into your “New Year, new you” mentality. You’ve got a list of resolutions you have either kept or let slip in the last 30 or so days. We’ve all been there. So whether you are on your A-game or sliding back into your 2016 ways, I’ve got some tips and tricks for you to revamp your New Year’s resolutions.

Before we dive in, let’s ask some questions about these resolutions we’ve set up...

  • Are these goals realistic for me?
  • Do these resolutions benefit me on a daily basis or is it a one time deal?
  • Why is this resolution important to me and my well-being?
  • Have I reflected on how I want to feel when I accomplish these resolutions or just what I will receive or gain?

1. Reframe Your Resolution

How you frame your resolution in your mind reflects the outcome. The mindset of wanting to feel confident in your favorite pair of jeans verse wanting to lose a specific number of pounds, it helps you to not be emotionally controlled by the results on the scale. Instead, with this different approach, you’ll be able to focus more on how you feel instead of a number.

2. Reflect on a Past Resolution

If you’re doing a take-two on one of your resolutions, have you reflected on the past challenges, mistakes, or achievements from the last time? How different does the outcome look this time around? Reflection is a personal and progressive way to editing your pathway to your resolutions finish line.

3. Create an Action Plan

Map out all of the small steps it’ll take to get to your big goal. This helps the path not look so intimidating. What’s your backup plan when you start to slip? Act like you’re a contestant on “Who Wants to Be A Millionaire” and phone a friend, ask your peers for help, or look at your two options. You can either stand by your resolution or go the other way. I personally like to save inspiring photos, quotes, and screenshots of helpful lists in my phone to look back to in a time of indecisiveness.

4. Think BIG and Small

Get out of your comfort zone! Explore the big hairy goals that intimidate and scare you. Enjoy the smallest 2-minute daily goal you’ve been craving to do.

5. Stay Positive

There’s going to be days when you want to throw in the towel. Moments where you’re going to forget. Times where you’re going to feel overwhelmed and confused. Don’t let the potholes in the road make you question. These resolutions are for you so embrace them and get excited about what you’re going to accomplish and learn along the way.

6. The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Try and look ahead at who you will be when you accomplish one of your resolutions. Who is that person? Are they smiling? Do they feel strength and empowerment in their choices? Envisioning what the outcome will be is a great motivator to get that booty going and chase after those goals you’ve set up for yourself.

7. Last But Not Least, Don’t Forget to Enjoy the Ride

You’re human. I’m human. And as humans, we deserve some wiggle room to be, well, human! We aren’t created to follow strictness with a fine-tooth comb

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