7 Ways to Celebrate President's Day

Well, that time of year has arrived, everyone's favorite holiday: President's Day, where we celebrate George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, the only presidents of the United States. You may be asking yourself what you can do to celebrate such a grand and honorable occasion, so fret not for I am here with some helpful tips on making the most of the Founding Fathers Day.

1. Check out a mattress sale

Because for some reason, there always seems to be a mattress sale somewhere. So go check out your local mattress factory. Buy yourself a nice Tempur-Pedic.

2. Go to class

Maybe your school does it, but I do not have off. You will definitely see me walking to class on Monday, and I hope you are too if professors have not spared you a break.

3. Keep up with the news and wonder what is wrong with the world

Because my God, how many more of these stories do we have to read, or (heaven forbid) experience before reform rolls in? Is it too much to ask for more change and less bullets in our schools? Of course stories like Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School are going to be politicized. The ones who can make a real change are the policy makers at Capitol Hill. This has to reach them. Political activism from an event like this does not mean we neglect the victims; it means we want justice for the victims. We want to elevate them to something higher than just part of a body count.

4. Seriously, go back to number three and reflect

Then encourage change. Be part of change if you can. Tweet at your local representatives. Write them a email. Donate to politicians who support gun control. Read what this website has to say, ran by one man.

5. Educate yourself always

Because those are still on. Cheer on our country in near demi-god feats.

7. Visit Target

Apparently they have a sale on their home items. 30% off. Go crazy.

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