Too much of a good thing can really, REALLY be a bad thing

1. Apologizing for every little mistake you make is unnecessary.

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We are humans. Humans make mistakes, some need to be apologized for. But please don't think you need to apologize for taking the last french fry at a lunch date or arriving at a function a whopping .291 seconds late.

2. Stop looking so hard for validation, your happiness comes first


"People-pleaser" is practically your middle name. Instead of worrying whether Becky is enjoying that casserole dish your mother slaved over for the soccer team banquet, worry about whether or not you'll get the chance to enjoy it yourself.

3. Stop picking up other people’s problems


"No, Kelly. I actually CAN'T pick up the 92nd shift you've asked me to cover. Maybe some other time?"

4. Asking for help isn’t a bad thing


It wouldn't kill ya to ask someone to help you out on that History assignment you've been struggling on. I can assure you, it's not NEARLY as big of an inconvenience to others as you may believe.

5. Speak more, listen less


You're not a therapist, you're not a counselor. Your relationships with your friends need to be double sided; if Kevin won't listen to your boy talk, you don't need to listen to his girl talk.

6. Ask your friends for your stuff back


We all know you miss that sweatshirt you let Kathy wear at your sleepover 7 months back. Ask Brett for those $20 you lent to him for gas money.

7. Nobody owes you anything.


Harsh, but true. The Golden Rule of treating others the way you want to be treated isn't nearly as common sense as you may think. Instead of wasting your time trying to be everyone's hero, try thinking of yourself for once.