7 Vegan Thanksgiving Main Dishes Better Than Turkey
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7 Vegan Thanksgiving Main Dishes Better Than Turkey

A quick idea guide of holiday main dishes

7 Vegan Thanksgiving Main Dishes Better Than Turkey

Are you a new vegan experiencing your first holidays without meat? Or perhaps you are trying to find a dish for those non-meat eating members of your holiday guest list? Or are you just looking for something new? Well, look no further because I've done the searching for you! Here are 8 of my favorite ideas for a vegan main dish that are prettier, healthier, and better than traditional turkeys. Sometimes, traditions really just need reinventing! If you see something you like, click the photo and it'll take you to the recipe.

1. A Delicious Chickpea Loaf

This is my personal choice for my Thanksgiving main dish. It is gluten free, vegan, can be made oil free, super easy, and DELICIOUS! Honestly, I could eat a whole loaf myself!

2. Stuffed Acorn Squash

Squashes are just gorgeous things. They add such a complete look to a finished feast and they do so without too much stress in the kitchen. Just look at how lovely these stuffed acorn squashes look!

3. Stuffed Mushroom Caps

I love mushrooms so much! I could eat them all the time. These are certainly a bit more time consuming but they are certainly worth it and there are only 7 ingredients!

4. Stuffed Bell Peppers

There are so many better things to stuff than a dead turkey organ cavity, don't you agree? Look at how delicious these colorful peppers are! They would look amazing next to a huge pile of mashed potatoes.

5. A Stunning Vegetable Tart

This dish might look complicated, but it's actually quite simple. Imagine all the compliments your guest would give you when they see these intricate little tarts.

6. Home-Made Stuffed Seitan

Perhaps you are more of a traditionalist and a nice seitan roast is more your style. What is seitan? It's vital wheat gluten (the protein part of wheat) which creates a salty, meat-like roast. It's delicious and gorgeous!

7. A Field Roast

Perhaps you aren't really a cook and you are looking for something simpler. A Field Roast might be just the thing for you. They are vegan, delicious, pre stuffed, and perfect for your big meal!

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