Some of these shows are well known but don't get enough credit. Give them a chance, I promise you'll fall in love with all of these shows!

1. Impractical Jokers.

Four best friends from high school compete to embarrass each other. It has to be one of the funniest shows I have ever seen!

2. The Carbonaro Effect.

Michael Carbonaro, an actor and magician, pulls pranks on people using his magic skills and calls it "The Carbonaro Effect." Perfect for blowing your mind and a good laugh!

3. World of Dance.

Whether you enjoy dance or not, everyone can find entertainment in this show. Dancers from all across the world with different genres of dance come to compete for the win.

4. The Blacklist.

A wanted fugitive has agreed to work with the FBI to catch his "Blacklist" of criminals around the world. It is intense, gruesome at times, but addicting.

5. American Ninja Warrior.

Athletes from around the country attempt the challenging obstacle courses. It is impressive to see how strong these men and women are and what their bodies are capable of!

6. Jane the Virgin.

Jane is a virgin who is accidentally artificially inseminated. Funny, cultured, and full of turns of events that are super addicting!

7. House of Cards.

A political show that shows how ruthless and corrupt politicians can be. It is extremely addicting and will always leave you hanging off the edge of your seat.

I hope you can find time to binge watch all of these shows as I did!